Foto Friday ~ Neil's journey to Germany


Click on this picture badge above to see all of Neil's pictures. And if you take a peak, be so kind and leave a blab . . . he would appreciate it! :c)


Missy said...

Great Pictures Neil!!

Germany is such a great place... I can't wait to go back. Where exactly were you? I remembered Val said at one point in time, but I can't remember. I'm sure your family is glad you are back safe and sound! :)

Erin said...

Looks like a great trip. Good thing he got 4 poses in front of the parliament building...hee, hee! That old church and cemetery was incredible. Those are the things that would draw me to Germany (that and the castles).

Jennifer said...

I could live there. I was there for 4 years and seen so much when I was over there..but I have to admit I'm more of a southern country peach now, they might be a little too mode for me now!!!

Thanks for sharing..let me know if you ever go to Spain...I'll hide in your suitcase. Beautiful place!!!

it's me, Val said...

Missy, he was in Cologne (Koln in Germany, Cologne to us Americans) and Hamburg. Hamburg is where the Rolling Stones experience was. Hamburg looked so cool . . . so hip . . . it really made me want to go. Neil's cousin, Christie, has been there also . . . her dad lived there for some time . . . you guys could all swap experiences.

Johanna said...

yay neil for getting pictures! Isn't it funny how boys can go to Germany for a week and take 31 pictures? (no offense of course, Neil, Jas would probably take only 2!) Glad you are home safe and sound and had a good time!