He is home!

Neil made it home late late Thursday night. He went in to work Friday morning (*groan*) but came back around lunch. It was then that the kids got to see their daddy and boy were they excited! So was I . . . :)

He said things were really expensive in Germany. But he did still did manage to bring home a couple of gifties. I took pictures of all of them, but some are on one camera and others on another and I just don't have time to download it all, so for now you just get to peak at a couple o' things.

He knows how I like to journal, so he brought me back a really nicely bound red journal with a church symbol on the front of it which is the symbol for Hamburg (speaking of, I had no idea that Hamburg was it's own state, did you? Same with Berlin! You learn something new every day!) And then he also got me . . . drumroll . . . why of course, ketchup! It is room service size because he just couldn't find a regular one in the market (granted, he only tried one store, but at least he did try.) It says Heinz on the front, but everything else is written in German. It's very ketchup cute.

He also brought me back some chocolates which are chocolate covered marsipan. I didn't know people actually chose to eat marsipan . . . I thought it was more for looks? It tastes ok. To be honest, I have had better, but then again, I've never had marsipan, so no, I haven't had better! (*rolling my eyes at myself*) The texture is just kinda weird. But the chocolate part is quite yum. Notice the missing piece?

Daddy brought back Noah a "foot ball" as they call it in Europe, but to us it's a soccer ball. He loves it. What boy wouldn't love a ball?!

For Maia he got her a Steiff animal. No, not a bear (I wish!!!), but it's a donkey (or a horse, maybe??? See for yourself!) and sooooo cute! The Steiff bears started at $125, and that was for a 3 inch size! Luckily the one he chose was just $35 and that was the least expensive animals. Wowzers! I knew they were pricey but not THAT pricey. I told him thank you for not buying her one of those! It's just fun, though, to now have something with the Steiff button on it! (And we even got a cool little Steiff box to boot!) See . . . isn't he cute? We call him Mr. Donkey. Original, eh?
Luckily, I made Neil take the camera. He got only 40 pictures and 5 of them are of the same pose, with Neil standing in front of an old church in Hamburg taken by his German friend/co-worker who wouldn't stop snapping the shutter. But hey, at least he got some of my hubby in Germany! When Neil went to Japan he had one picture taken of himself and that was standing in front of an upscale store (Louis Vuitton or something?). It could have been shot in New York City or Chicago! (ha!) So at least he does have some of himself with surroundings that look like he could be in Germany :c)I'll share more of his pictures later, again, when I have time. Since he has been back, I've burried myself in my work. My list is an 8x10 page long of orders and work to-do's. It's pretty overwhelming, but at least I do have work. I'm thankful for that. Now if I could just make time stop for a day or two or three, then I'd be doing good. But since that's not possible, you probably won't see me much this week. Noah also starts school this week and well, there's just a lot going on. So hold the blogging fort down for me and I'll be back soon.

P.S. We found a new church that we LOVE. We fit in the moment we walked in and Noah did as well. At our old church Noah would never leave our side. Here, he wanted to go with the rest of the kids to Sunday school. I'm already signing myself up for Bible studies and small groups. Woo-hooo! I'm just really excited. This is a huge burden lifted off of us. Phew.

P.P.S. Lots and lots of new stuff at my VWC blog. Probably a lot more to come this week. I'm also going to stop sending out emails to clients and will be posting my specials and such at this blog. So, if you're interested, visit the site frequently. And here's an example of what you see at that blog if you've never been . . . . . . weddings, bellies, and children, oh my!

Thanks, . . . . and toodles!


Alexis Jacobs said...

Welcome back Neil! Sounds like a good trip. As for Maia's present... he looks like Eeyore from Pooh and he was a donkey :)

Good luck with all the work. I myself am buried with stuff the next few weeks... here's to getting the lists done.

lil ole' me..... said...

Val, so glad that Neil made it home safely! I'm sure you and the kids are very excited to have him back!!!
Can't wait to see a few more of the pictures!

I am SO excited that you have found your new church family! Yippee!
It is so important to find a church that your kids are comfortable in, and sounds like this one is perfect for you!
You'll have to let me know when you find a small group to attend. I love ours, meets every Thursday. Keith is going with me now, and we both feel like the group pushes us, challenges us, and really makes us strive to continue to grow spiritually. So happy for you!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Glad Neil is back and you can work on getting back to 'normal'. I can't wait to hear what Noah thinks about school(and how you do on his 1st day too)! And I finally met Jeannie, she's kinda trippy:) vic

oh amanda said...

Glad your hubby is back, Val! It's fun to get presents!!

Louise said...

Oh exciting to have him safely at home! I LOVE getting gifts so I was really excited to see everything you got..I've never heard of those stuffed animals..where have I been?? LOL
I lived in Hamburg back in 1993 for three months I'll have to pull out my pictures and see if I find that building..heehee!

Mrs. M said...

definately a donkey. it looks like eeyore from winnie the pooh.

Jo said...

So glad that Neil is back and is safe and sound!

Michelle said...

Glad Neil made it back! Best of luck on getting all your to-do list done! :)