Last month in review . . . part 1.

Some of you have been dying to see pictures. You guys crack me up . . . I won't name names. (Michelle and Johanna!) Anyhow, here are a few, which I hope tell a tiny story and give you a glimpse of our lives the past few (crazy, hectic, life-changing, go-go-go, but fun) weeks.During the week before we left Westlawn Avenue for our new cul-de-sac, we did a last dinner out at our favorite Mexican restaurant with our favorite friends and neighbors. This is my cheesy daughter with her cheesy (but beautiful) smile at that dinner out.
Then afterwards a very gracious guy took our picture standing outside the restaurant. I love this picture minus the fact that I look incredibly pregnant (and I'm NOT) thanks to the lovely style of shirts this fashion season :c) I do love this picture. I so miss these wonderful people! (On a happy side note, we got to see them again tonight when they came to visit us! Yay!!!)
This is what we saw hanging in the title building when we walked in. Our names with our time of closing. How official it then seemed!
This is the day after closing, the very moment I was driving from our house on Westlawn to the new house in our new small town. And I look up in the sky ahead of me and see . . . a perfect beautiful rainbow. I really think rainbows are God's way of reminding us that if we have faith in Him, and let things happen in His timing, it will always work out. It's funny (in a wow, that's so neat kind-of-way) because I was driving in my own car, my mom in hers and my dad in his, and we all three saw this rainbow at different moments. God is so good.
I never knew what to let this kids do while I painted, and decided on letting them "paint" the deck with paint brushes and water. They had a blast and it kept them occupied for a whole 45 minutes or so!
This is my dear friend, Leann, painting over the once brown boys' room with Kilz. It will soon become pink and be Miss Maia's room! She worked so hard to help us! (Thank you, L!)
This is beautiful Marissa. She is Leann's 2nd old daughter. She was great help with Maia the days she was here with us, and I really enjoyed her hanging out keeping me company as I painted. She and I are the same personality. We had a good time!
This is pretty Alyssa, Leann's 2nd youngest, who bonded hugely with my dog. What a pet lover she is! And she and Noah are quite a pair! Alyssa looks after him like a big sister. They get along so incredibly well. Leann reminded me "you know, Noah could marry one of my daughters some day". Um . . yep, she's right! And yes, how cool that would be, but let's not talk marriage . . . yet! ;c)
This is Neil with a roller. I did manage to put him to work some, too :c)
Heather and Jeff take a break while painting Noah and Maia's bathroom. I think she claimed this room as hers! :c)
Brian and I in the middle of painting Maia's pink room. Jeff and Brian definitely claimed this one as theirs! (Ha!) And what a great job they did. I've never seen two guys work so hard, and all for my family. What awesome people they are.
Me and my very dear friend, Leann. Thanks, girly . . . thanks everyone!!!! We kicked some painting booty butt!

More to come! . . .


oh amanda said...

Val, it's 12:30am and I don't have time to read it all but I just have to commenet b/c those 2 pinks are THE exact colors we used in Lydia's nursery. I'll have to dig up some pix! I'll be back tomorrow to read!

melody is slurping life said...

All of my friends disappear when it's time to paint. Looks like a lot of fun was had and a lot of work accomplished.

Blessings to your new home.

LiLi said...

MORE MORE MORE!!! :D Keep them coming, Val! I'm just so excited for you guys! I have to agree w/ Melody up there, all my friend VANISH when I need help painting... and the last time we had friends paint (my cousin and Jason) they ended up kissing and less than a year later, MARRIED! SO if you are single and wanna hook up, come paint at my house! LOL

Erin said...

Oh when we moved to our first house I had all kinds of friends offer to come help me paint (the entire house top to bottom) and not one of them actually showed up to help. And I was three months pregnant when I started. So I did it ALL myself. You are blessed to have friends that helped you. And I LOVE the color in Maia's room : ) So beautiful. I too can't wait to see more pictures.

oh amanda said...

What great friends you have! And I love the idea of painting the porch with water!

Johanna said...

Who looks that cute when they paint? I can't believe you girl! More please! :) ADORE the colors so far, btw.

it's me, Val said...

You guys are right, I am so blessed! And I'm haven't even shown pictures of Danielle, Dan, or Joe, who also helped. And we can't forget my MOM! We are very very blessed . . . I love them all . . . they worked their tails off! And Johanna, you so totally have a way of always making me feel so darn good! *kiss kiss*

Michelle said...

Looks SOOO good! Yay! What awesome friends! :) And, the rainbow (and its timing and everything) is just so neato!

Can't wait for more! :)

SuperMom said...

Great pictures and thanks for the updates! I hope you're feeling more settled now!

Anonymous said...

What a great group picture of us! Loved seeing your new home, now I can 'place' you when I'm thinking about you guys (more like missing you!). Decorating a new place is so exciting, made me want to start redecorating when we got home!! I'm looking foward to many more visits to your new pad. What a nice post altogether, wild about the rainbow!

Jen said...

looks like youve been busy
I love the cheesy smile
your daughter is beautiful

lil ole' me..... said...

I am so glad that we are starting to get pictures of the house! Love what I see!!! Can't wait to see it in person!
BTW- I'm in Decatur next weekend, maybe Beth and I can come out... are you busy?!?!

Don Leann Marina Paige & Hudson said...

Lovin' the pinks! Where did you move to? I'm sorry I don't comment more. Your blog is totally inspiring - I love it. Ours has to be mostly pics for all of our far away family. They just want to see our kids! :) Thx for commenting on mine. I miss you too and would love to get together. I have a serious itch to go shopping at It's a Girl Thing...very soon! Love ya - Leann