Off to Germany . . . with random pictures . . .

I think Neil was home 36 hours before he had to leave again this morning for, this time, Germany. The thought makes me want to cry.

It was hard for him to leave us, especially since his babies were crawling all over him and asking where he was going and if they could go with him. It's hard for him to say "not this time". Especially when he just did it earlier in the week last week. We'll see him again Friday morning or late late Thursday night.

I'm trying to think of things for us to do. I'd really like to get out of the house this evening, but I'm not sure where to? It seems like the only options with this almost-100 degree heat, is to go shopping or out to eat. Not that I want to pass those options up, but (to be truthful) I don't need anymore restaurant food for a while (I ate way too much already over the weekend and last week) and I don't need to shop anymore because Lord knows I've already spent too much in the past few weeks on the house.

Since I don't really have anything to talk about but to whine about Neil being gone again, I'll share a couple pictures, how's that?

So about a week ago, our good friends, Randy, Vickie and Chloe visited us at our new pad. We got this darn cute picture of Noah (a baby doll), Maia and their good friend, Chloe.
Then, as you know, I shot a wedding last weekend. Heather caught a couple pictures of me "in action" at the wedding. So here they are, for your enjoyment ;c)I'm playing with my camera's adjustments. Oh the joy of a digital camera. I actually loooove having options although they can get overwhelming at times!
And this is me talking to the groom. Sojin is yelling for a family member to come up to the front. That is Sojin's mother in the beautiful pink dress. She and Paul's mother wore the most amazing gowns (click on the picture and you can see it better). Everything about this wedding, down to the beauty of these unique dresses, made that wedding one of my best.
And then Heather and I at the wedding (between the wedding and the reception outside while we're waiting on the bride and groom to exit). We seem to take a lot of self-portraits of ourselves (no we aren't vain, just bored!). . . we sometimes have lots of down time to play, and whether it's quickly stopping at McD's for a double cheese, putting our feet up with an H2O in the car or just taking random pictures, we always find ways to make our down time enjoyable!

That's it folks! I hope to start getting to more of my house and moving pictures up this week when I have time during Maia's naps or in the evenings when the kiddos go to bed. Happy week to all. Wish me luck in making it through. I just keep thinking of all the military moms out there who do it for months or years at a time. I can't imagine, but when I do try to, it puts it all into perspective and I just sit back with thankfulness knowing that he's only going to be gone 5 days. That's nothing compared to what it could be. (God bless those mammas!)

P.S. I did send Neil to Germany with a camera and 3 orders. To bring me back German ketchup (if there is such a thing, and most likely, there is!), German chocolate and German wine. Isn't it funny how it's always something EDIBLE?! Ah well. The enjoyments of life. Gotta milk'em for all they are worth, right?!


Jen said...

safe travels for Neil

how did the birth photographing go???

it's me, Val said...

hey jen,
thanks for remembering!

i met with the preggie on thursday and shot a couple maternity shots. she's biiiiiiig. they think she'll have a 9-lb'er. she goes for her appt tomorrow, so i'm looking forward to hearing what they have to say. myself and her doula are hoping (of course she is hoping, too!) that she will be induced this week. if she is, then i have a babysitter lined up this week and maybe even next week. i can't wait till it happens. i just hope it's not the middle of the night because they won't call me if it's happening then just because of my kids. i hope it happens soon and happens during day time hours! (What's the chances??!)

oh amanda said...

My sil just got back from Germany and brought me some chocolate! YUM.

You're so right about military moms. Wow! I've never really thought about that before!

Michelle said...

Hope Neil has safe travels!

I can't wait for more house pictures!! :):)

Anonymous said...

You absolutely MUST have him bring you back German Ketchup in a toothpaste tube!!! It is the funniest thing- much of their ketchup comes in toothpaste tubes (mustard and mayonaisse also). If you talk to him, tell him to get the toothpaste tube!!!!

Erin said...

Praying for Neil's safety and your sanity : ) Oooh, German chocolate...mmmm! My cousins were in Norway this spring and they brought back Norwegian chocolate, it was AMAZING! Great pictures, too. I'd love to see pictures of the lady's maternity photo shoot. I just love maternity pictures. Wish I had gotten professional ones for my pregnancies.