Temperature is rising in North Carolina!

The most peculiar thing came to me in the mail two days ago. I knew it was from Alexis because she emailed me asking, "have you got anything odd in the mail?". My response, "Ummmm, no." She didn't say anything else after that, but of course the wheels in my head were just a turnin'. So every day I was looking in the mail for something "odd". It never came. Then she told me that it was sent to her house first. So Tuesday it finally arrived.

I opened the manilla envelope and this is what was in it:Yes, a newspaper. My first thought, "So, Alexis wants me to know just how hot it is in North Carolina. Okay . . . she has lost her noodles . . . " and I laugh. But I figure there has got to be more to this than just telling me how how NC is right now. So I start flipping through it and suddenly I know exactly why she sent it to me.

I stick "it" up on my fridge as I'm laughing so hard and saying "oh my gosh, this is so GREAT!" all the while my kids are just blank staring at me. So I put "it" up on the fridge because Neil was going to be arriving home from work shortly. I wanted to see how long it took him to notice it. Do you see it? Do you? Do you?So if you know me, and Alexis knows me quite well, you would know how much I love Clay Aiken. And lucky duck Alexis lives in the same town as he! Raleigh, NC! I hate her. (Only kidding!!)

A few summers back we went to see him at the Indy State Fair. It was the BEST TIME EVER. I need to find pictures from that. We had the greatest time eating fair food and walking around like teenagers (without any children!) anxious to see "our guy".

Clay really rocked. What an amazing singer he is. He doesn't have to put forth any effort to belt out a perfectly beautiful song. He even sung a few covers, one of them being You Were There by Avalon. That was amazing. And it was then that Alexis and I really fell in love with this man. He was a Christian and was not afraid to show it. Plus, okay, he is a little cutie, too.

And here it is close up:So what did Neil say when he finally saw it? Well, he passed by it a couple times and then suddenly I hear "What is this?!" And laughing and being silly like Neil can get, he says "how gay. You two are so gay." He knew it was from Alexis, 'nuff said. Yes we are dorks, but I admit it, so call me whatever you want to call me and I'll probably agree ;c)

Thank you AJ! What fun!!!


Alexis Jacobs said...

I am so glad that it finally made it! Phew... it was alot of hard work just to get Clay to come to Monticello but I managed to pull it off.

See I do know how to surprise people. And too funny about the temp thing. I never even thought of it when I saw my copy.

a wandering heart said...

That's awesome! Leave it to good friends to know how to surprise you in the oddest ways. :-)

it's me, Val said...

Yes, it's really nice 'having' him here :) Thank you!

And, if anyone is wondering about those drawings on my fridge, Noah did those. He is a mighty fine artist for just being 3-1/2 if I must say so myself! The one on the left is a self-portrait and the one on the right is daddy. He did them all himself! (Can you tell mommy is proud?)

oh amanda said...

I love it Val! You know I'm the exact same way...but I'm just not in love with Clay!

You made me laugh today!


it's me, Val said...

I love making people laugh, or smile, or even roll their eyes at me! :c)

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I have to agree w/Neil. haha;)vic

Michelle said...

That is too funny!! Neil's comments made me LOL!! Well, kinda because I agree with him!! :):)

melody is slurping life said...

Friends are so fun! I kept clicking away by accident while drooling over, er, viewing your frig.

BTW, I love looking on other mom's frig doors. :)

Jen @ One Moms World said...

Val... girl we were meant for each other! I am a clay maniac too hehe. And guess what else.. I am a NC gal. I was born and raised in NC and just moved to Florida about 7 weeks ago. I was so thrilled to see this post :)

I can't believe how hot NC has got this summer. You would think that Florida would be hotter than NC right?

Have a good nite and enjoy the paper ;)