This, that and a new telly?

I talked to my far-and-away husband this morning. Man, he sounded tired! He's been sight-seeing today in order to stay awake. He said he and another guy visited a church built in 1420 (!!!). For $10 they could walk to the top of the church and see the city. So they did it. All 160 steps. And he said when they got to the top, you could see the sky, and that's just about it, because there were 30 ft walls around the top!! Why in the world they didn't tell them that before he went is beyond me, unless they did tell them that in German and Neil responded with a "I-have-no-idea-what-you're-saying" smile, which is most likely what happened. (Love ya, honey!) I made him take the small digi cam with him, so I'm hoping he got some cool photos of an old German church wall! (At least he can say he did it!)

(Check out the churches, I found pictures of them!)

Tonight mom and dad invited us over for dinner, so we're heading over there after Maia gets up from her nappie. Mom made hamburger stew (mmmmm...one of my old childhood faves!). Noah is very much looking forward to spending time with grandpa. They wrestle and play basketball and climb rock piles, all things mommy doesn't do so well, so he's really looking forward to that. (I'm refering to dad when I say "he" -- ha!)

Tomorrow we're going to Leann's to play at the park in the morning before it gets too darn awful hot outside (it's suppose to be 100 here all week). Then Wednesday she and I are taking all 6 kids to a water park, which you could call me a little kid because I am so excited about it!!

One evening I am meeting with a client in another town so she can put in her order and then another night I'm meeting with a different client for the same reason. And then Thursday mom is coming over here an we're going to our local Farmer's Market which is from 3-6 in the evening. I love our downtown here, so I'm looking forward to that, too, if the heat doesn't bite us in the butt.

Quickly the week might be over and then Friday I see my hubby again, and hopefully bearing chocolate, wine and ketchup in a tube. :c) Yippee-yay! (And check this out, it's a tube of ketchup and mayo mixed in a tube! I hope he can find this one for me, but he'll have to get two because I will have to try it, too!)

Ok, so I am looking at getting something electronic for our kitchen. We don't have a single TV or radio in our entire upstairs. Our upstairs consists of all the bedrooms, 2 bath rooms, the living room, dining room and kitchen. And no TV. TV really isn't a necessity for me, except for when American Idol begins again or my favorites, Gray's Anatomy, LOST and The Office. So . . . I have some time to find a TV or something of some sort.

We considered an under-the-cabinet TV/radio for the kitchen. And we did buy one. But it's too big in length. It comes out about 3 inches from the edge of the cabinets making it look a little weird and making it very awkward to work around. So we're taking that back. I'm sure they make them smaller . . . maybe?

I also thought about buying an iHome. Anyone have one? They have them at Target this week for $88! That is a steal! Even if we didn't put it in the kitchen, I would probably put it in our bedroom. So having that would make us a little more technologically savvy, and something I could hook my ipod up to. I still want a TV. Even if it's 7" (which they do make). I just can't decide what makes the most sense.

We don't have a whole lot of extra space in our kitchen. For once we have counter space and I don't want to take it all up with big "things". Already my mixer takes up a whole lot of room, and I'm even contemplating putting that somewhere in storage because I only use it once a year (at Christmas for my cookie-making extravaganza). So what to do, what to do? Do you have a TV in the kitchen? If so, how big/small? What kind? Do you like it? Any recommendations for me? It is another thing on my to-do list for the week but I have no idea where to even start.


LiLi said...

I have an iHome in my kitchen. I love it. It was supposed to be for my bedroom, but we kept bringing it out so we could listen to music during dinner... so now it just lives in the kitchen. I LOVE IT! Especially if I am cooking or baking, I just turn it on and groove. SO WORTH THE MONEY!

What happened to the tv in your living room at the old house?

As for a TV in the kitchen, I'd go with the under the counter kind that the screen flips up when you aren't watching it. BUT, I don't know if they come in different sizes, as to fit under your cabinets. Check Bose and some other electronic stores. Good Luck! I'm an American Idol girl and a LOST girl, I hate missing those... AND ALL of the shows on Thursday night NBC, well, all but ER. Otherwise, I don't normally turn the tv on, unless it is for noise. We are more of a music family. Except during football season... gotta have my football fix! :D

it's me, Val said...

Our family room is downstairs and our living room is my photography "presentation" room. So the TV is down there. We have like 3 other TV's in our garage. But they're big. We're going to sell them in a Garage Sale, I think. The one we originally bought for the kitchen is a flip-up, but it's just too large (the foundation of it). So, there's got to be other options in other brands. BOSE is a good idea. Thanks, Li!

Michelle said...

Never had a tv in the kitchen, actually. Here though, we can see the tv from the kitchen b/c the kitchen, family room, and dining room are all one big open area...so, not going to be any help on kitchen tv's or anything. iHome would be cool. We just have the Bose speaker to hook up the ipods too and use it a lot!

Your week sounds a lot like my week!! :) Brad's last week of football camp is this week, and E and I have a jam packed schedule, so as to keep ourselves busy while Daddy is busy at work! Have fun tonight! And, I hope Neil gets some good pictures! Those churches look awesome! And we thought Savannah was old!!!

Erin said...

Those churches are amazing!! I would love to go there one day to see all the old buildings and historical sites.

And no, we don't have a tv in the kitchen. I only watch a couple of shows (Yay, Gray's Anatomy...can't wait for the season premiere!) and they are all in the evening after the kids are in bed so I don't need a tv in the kitchen. But good luck finding one.

oh amanda said...

We only have one tv in our living room. And one TIVO and that's all that matters!

Jen and family said...

how interesting for Neil to see a church that old

your evening sounds like it was fun :)

hope your week speeds by

Missy said...

Okay.. so at my parents home we do have a tv in the kitchen.. mainly used to watch the morning news during breakfast. Geeks, I know! We have just a plain jane box tv. It is probably 10" or so and sits on a small table up against the wall (positioned so mom can watch tv while cooking, doing dishes, etc) Love it!

Andy's - no tv.... yet! :)

So this garage sale with all the big tv's.. just how big are we talking... and when about's will this garage sale take place?

Oh yes, one more thing before I let you go... have I missed pictures of your new home? I keep looking.. and have yet to find any... (MAJOR HINT HINT HINT!)


it's me, Val said...

I've never had a TV in the kitchen growing up . . . or as an adult. Actually, growing up, we had one TV in the living room. And I like staying with the flow of how I was brought up. But we have no TV's at all upstairs and I'm afraid I might end up needing to do dishes or something while LOST is on and how in the world will I be able to even stand to do that when the TV is downstairs? :) Also, it would be nice to start watching the morning news again. I haven't seen a news program since we moved. Hence, why I JUST found out about the bridge collapsing in MN! So, anywho, thanks for your blabs everyone! I just feel good about the fact that we don't have a TV in any bedroom. I think that's a great thing, right? :)

it's me, Val said...

amanda, what's TIVO?

Just kidding. I wish I had it, so I'm pretending I have no idea what it is ;) :-p