Happy Birthday, Erin!

Happy Birthday to my friend, Erin, who turned 27 yesterday! (I'm a bit behind, Erin, as you know --- sorry!)

I hope I am her best birthday present ever. (I know, that sounds so egotistical!) But, you know why I say that?! Because she is flying HERE from CANADA to spend a weekend with ME one week from TODAY! Yippeeee! So she must like me a little bit?! I am so excited! We're going to have so much fun!

Have a great dinner tonight, Erin!! I know you like to extend your birthdays, so we'll celebrate all weekend long and we'll even sing to you at Noah and Maia's birthday party :):)

Happy Birthday, Friend!!

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Erin said...

Yes, you will be my favorite birthday present EVER!!! I'm so...yeah, you know, excited. I had a great dinner and lots of laughs. Thank you so much for the sweet post!