Mish Mash

Where are my commenters? I know, I have nothing exciting to say. Sorry. My life really isn't all that boring right now. I swear. It's pretty un-boring, actually. Today Noah, Maia and I began making a gingerbread house. I forgot how long it takes because if you don't follow the instructions and let the icing/glue dry, well, it will fall apart. Lesson learned. So we'll finish decorating it later.

I've been spending so much time on work, like every waking hour it seems, that this week I'm trying my hardest every day to make quality special time with my kiddos. Just me and them. And it's been such fun. I love my babies. (Even though yesterday, on the way home from school, Noah informed me again that he's not my "baby" but my "big kid". *sob*)

Yesterday, Maia and I made a quick trip to D-town to buy a giftie for one of my blogging pals and new shoes for the wedding I'm shooting Saturday. Maia was such a good girl. She got so many compliments on how well-behaved she was. What can I say, she is never imperfect. (Hahahahaaaaa!!)

So yes, I have my last wedding of the year on Saturday, and so I finally get to wear THE dress. (I'm not so sure how sexy I feel right now after still feeling bloated and slightly frumpy from Thanksgiving and all the leftovers.) And, I did find some kick-booty shoes to go with the dress, so I think the outfit is finally complete. Nothing like waiting last minute. That's how I work if you forgot. ;c)

I think the shoes are very simple, yet hot :c) And they are quite comfortable. A must when you're on your feet for 10 hours. They're by Joan & David if anyone cares.

I'm quite excited for this wedding Saturday because I get to see my love, Johanna. I can't wait to hang out (during any possible "down" time) with her. But I'm hoping (and praying) that Saturday is a nice day weather-wise . . . at least no snow or rain . . . please?!! . . . so I can stay busy with my cool photo ideas. Brandon and Holly (my couple) are the cutest, prettiest couple. I can't wait to catch them radiating on film (I mean, compact flash).

This coming week, drumroll . . . Alexis is coming "home". So it's not really "home" to her anymore since she's been in NC for over a year now, but to Jamie and I, we say "home" because we hope it'll always be a "home" for her. I might not see her much till Wednesday, but that's okay. She's going to the Christmas walk with mom, Heather and I, downtown. And then Thursday I get to take her to the airport. We're leaving early and mom's watching the kids so that we can do what we do best . . . talk, shop and drink coffee. I'm really excited for our time, even though it'll be short and sweet, it's absolutely better than not seeing her at all. What a great Christmas gift I'm getting.

Sad news. We aren't going to Oklahoma for Christmas. :( After tossing and turning over what we should do, Neil and I decided together that we couldn't go. We still have not sold our lot. It sits there, sadly. I wish we could keep it, but having to be making (in a way) two mortgages, is hard. Very hard for us. We are barely scraping by. (Thank GOD for my business lately!) We just can't afford the trip this time. We hope by the time baby A.C. is born in Feb, that we can go to OK to meet her. So, now we're staying home for Christmas, but that's exciting for me because it's our first Christmas here in our new home with the kids. It should be a really fun Christmas. Neil and I decided that we aren't doing anything at all that day but having a family day, just the 4 of us, in our jammies. And I can't wait. We're going to really miss doing this with our bro, sis, Ella & O'ma, but thankfully they understand 110%.

So, the next few days I won't be posting much as I finish up on some major orders, deliver 2 wedding albums, shoot a wedding and proof a wedding. Monday I think we're going to take a family day and finally put out our Christmas decorations and go get our tree. So I end with this . . . from keri @ flickr . . . I love her stuff.

Never forget that there is no day but today.

Off to decorate the gingerbread house!

With love, in the Spirit of Christmas,

~ me, Val ~

P.S. Neil's cousin just found out she is having a baby boy in April. Congrats, Kara and Josh!


paulickfam said...

I know it is hard not to be with family for Christmas, but enjoy and cherish the day. It will be so memorable for you. Enjoy those "babies" while you can. I love when my 13 year old asks to cuddle and watch a movie - that almost never happens anymore.

SuperMom said...

I'm sorry that you can't go to Oklahoma for Christmas. But, look at it this way, you have a better chance at a white Christmas in Illinois than in Oklahoma, right?

Oh, and I love your new shoes!

Jamie said...

Val, busy , busy, busy. And so life goes right? Glad you got to spend the day (week) with the kids how fun. I can imagine their happy faces making your house! How cute. Sorry that you can't leave for Christmas but this memory will be treasured just as much I am sure. I think that we will be spending the day home as well this year. It will be very different but relaxing. Hope I get a chance to see you next week.

Alexis Jacobs said...

I am glad that you are taking some time to just unwind with the kids. As far as Christmas goes, I know that you are upset that you won't get to goto Oklahoma, but just think of all the amazing memories you guys will have in your house for the first time.

And guess what! Only FOUR days!

Michelle said...

Shoes are cool! I hope that Saturday goes great!

Congrats to K and J!

Oklahoma is sad that you are not coming to visit too! We love ya'll lots and will miss not seeing you and spending Christmas with you, but look forward to you coming out to meet baby sister!! :)

MP said...

I hope that the weather is good this weekend for the wedding..it's going to be pretty hit or miss..depending on the jetstream and this system coming out of the south there could be rain, snow, sleet or nothing..it's a very volital situation right now..make sure you pack some flat shoes in your bag just in case... Yep..I'm a geek about weather :-)

Christy said...

I've noticed fewer comments lately, too! I think we're all just too busy!

lil ole' me..... said...

Be sure to take a picture of yourself in your dress!!! :)

Jammie day for Christmas, just the four of you in your new home sounds great! I can't wait to do that with our lil family! I know it will be hard to not see your BIL and SIL and their family, but your family of four will have a great Christmas!!!

Oh, and have a GREAT time with Alexis! I'm sure you are counting the days!!!

Louise said...

I LOVE that dress, it is going to look super hot on you and those shoes are GREAT!!
Hope your gingerbread house turns out and that you truly enjoy your Christmas at your new home!!!
Hugs to you!!

Johanna said...

LOVED seeing you Saturday!!!! I just sent you the pics i took, although they are embarrassing compared to yours, i'm sure. :) you looked amazing on saturday!

~ Melody ~ said...

I hope the gingerbread house was a load of family fun. I love the "this day will never happen again". Thanks for that reminder as I need to slow down and relish today.