I don't always act upon my light bulb moments or spur-of-the-moment spontaneous thoughts, but just about 3 minutes ago I did! Wow, it feels so good, and I am soooooooo excited! Wanna know why?!?

I am going to attend my first ever photography seminar!

Okay, well, that's not entirely correct. I did attend one many years ago when I was working for a photographer as his (overshadowed and unrecognized) little side-kick. It was fun, but I was associated with him. Now I'm associated with ME and only me. (Yay!)

Where will it be? In New Orleans next fall!

New Orleans is one of my favorite places in the world that I have ever traveled to. It holds so many memories for Neil and I. (This will be my 5th trip there.) The most exciting thing for me is that it's with some of my very favorite photographers of all time. Two of the photographers that I specifically will get to work with one on one are Jeff and Julia Woods and Jessica Claire.

Ohmygoodness, I am so freaking excited to meet these well-known people in the photography world and LEARN from them! I already know they will inspire me greatly. They already do. Wow. How exciting. Seeing this video below, taken in New Orleans makes me wish it were already October again. This is going to be the best experience ever. Oh my gosh, I cannot wait!


It's only two days . . . but if anyone lives in the area, COME SEE ME! One person I'm directly pin-pointing right now is Jen in MS. Jeeeeeeennnnnnn . . .hey Jenn-nifer!! I hope 10 months is enough notice for you to hop on over to Louisiana! (Seriously, no pressure or anything!)


Tonight is Neil's dad's big retirement party and I get to wear "the" dress again. It's not about me at all, though, but Neil's dad. What a proud moment this will be for him. We're very proud of his hard work and wish him the best in his blissful years of retirement. Love ~ your family


lil ole' me..... said...

Are you excited about your seminar? I can't quite tell.... (wink, wink)
That's fantastic Val!

Have a good time at the retirement party!

Michelle said...

Cool!! I'm sure it will be sooo fun and hopefully you will learn something too!

Chel said...

Oh, how I love New Orleans. Remind me when it gets closer to the conference time & I'll send you the name of a little local restaurant where you'll get the best breakfast you've ever had.

Anonymous said...

how exciting for you and Im sure youll learn a lot


Jen at http://my3boysandi.wordpress.com/

MP said...

TOO FUN!! You are going to love love love that..New Orleans..PLUS a photography seminar..Good for you!!

LiLi said...

Love NOLA in October... I'm jealous!!!

Alexis Jacobs said...

I wonder how long of a drive that would be... Hmmmmmm :)

Looks like a great seminar!

oh amanda said...

How fun! That will be a blast. I wish New Orleans was just a little closer!