I've been a little MIA and will continue to be this week. Alexis was here last week, I took her to the airport on Thursday, Friday was a hang-out-with-mommy-friends day, and then over the weekend we were pretty stuck indoors while rain, sleet, freezing rain and snow fell. I did manage to get tons of work done . . . another album almost completely done and another one started! Yipppeeeee! Neil's mom had my kids one night so that helped a lot as I worked my buns off while they weren't here. (Thank you, Pat.)

I'm going to continue to be MIA as my family and I take an unplanned trip 3-1/2 hours south to where my mom's family is from as my great-uncle passed away yesterday morning. I'm sitting here still unsure when the arrangements are. Probably tomorrow or Wednesday.

As far as my brother . . . he is pretty down-in-the-dumps. His cuts are no longer having to be packed, but he's still under-the-weather (as he probably will be for a long time) and no longer has a job or a place to live. It's just not good. He desperately needs all to pray for him. I personally pray that he can turn his life around. There's hope, but I know my mom is losing her hope. It's just not a good situation. I wish he would come home.

On a trying-to-make-light-of-the-situations note, I'm babysitting today . . . Maia's friend, Isaac. They are 3 days apart and good friends. I love him but I could never ever ever be a mom to twins and God knew that those times that I was on fertility drugs!! (Ha!!!!)


Anonymous said...

Youve been busy
bless Neils mom

sori about the loss of your great uncle
take care
safe travels

continuing to pray for your brother

enjoy your day babysitting

Jen at http://my3boysandi.wordpress.com/

mama2dibs said...

I will pray for your brother. Sometimes God has to take us to the VERY bottom of the barrel before we are willing to look up to Him. Hopefully he's almost there, if not there. I will pray for God to catch him.

Chel said...

So sorry about the difficulty your family is facing. Maybe your mom just needs the okay to lose a bit of hope right now and to let someone else do the hoping for her. After a bit, her hope will return.

Anonymous said...

Im tagging you sweetie
Jen at http://my3boysandi.wordpress.com/

Alexis Jacobs said...

I am sorry about your uncle. Your family had been through alot.

I am thinking of you guys. Please know if there is anything I can do.

Christina said...

I am sorry for you loss and sometimes people need to hit rock bottom before they realize they need to do something for themselves opposed to depending on other people (like your mom) to do it for them. Have a safe trip and I hope the weather clears up for you for your travles.

Jennifer said...

I'm sorry about your Great Uncle and Brother Val :(. You are in my thoughts and prayers and I pray your brother will make that special gift to you all and come home for Christmas.

Big (((HUGS))) be safe with your travels.

Jen @ One Moms World

Johanna said...

VAl! Just catching up. I'm praying for you and your family!!! I'm so sorry to hear all this. hugs to you!!! Jo

oh amanda said...

Val! I got your email and even tho I didn't get to respond, I read it to Les and we've been praying for him--and your fam. God knows Chris by heart. I'm praying Chris recognizes it. And that he'll rely on Him. And of course, for his healing! Psalm 103:2-3.

(((hugs))) to you, my dear friend!

Louise said...

WOW sounds busy!
Thinking of you chicka!
This HUG is for YOU!! Take sometime for a nice Grande Starbucks!!