With the snow comes confidence.

It's snowing, it's snowing, it's snowing!!!!!!!

I'm so excited that it's snowing! And tonight, I get to go get Alexis, take her to "our" place (Robbie's) for dinner and then do a Christmas Walk downtown D-town. We're meeting my mom and Heather for the walk and if it's still snowing, how absolutely beautiful it will be. I can see it now . . . all bundled up in our coats and pretty scarves (and two sets of gloves for Alexis -- hehe), walking from boutique to boutique drinking wine and hot cocoa with Christmas carolers all around us and lots of happy women out to shop for the fun of being together and coming across the most adorable finds. It's so much fun and I can't wait. The snow just makes it that much better.

I love snow. I love drinking coffee when it's snowing out. I love watching big beautiful snowflakes fall as I sit from my kitchen with a warm sweatshirt and comfy socks on. I also love snow when I get flattering emails from clients while the snow is falling.

I got a really gracious email a few minutes ago from a wedding client who I just delivered her album to yesterday. Her email made my day.

I know I can take photographs, but I am just not all that sure I can take GOOD ones. I tend to be very self-criticizing and can get discouraged easily. I do not encourage myself at all. Hardly ever, actually. When I'm about to embark on a shoot, the day before I get down and very unsure that I can and will do very well. I'm always afraid I'm going to screw something up. I'm always always always think afterwards that I could have done better and then I get pretty down about my work and myself. That's why when I get an email or a note or a comment here on my blogs about my work, I light up. It makes my day and those are what keep me going. Those positive words are what reinforce something that I think is true but don't always believe is true . . that I was born to have a camera in my hand.

Bottom line is, I can be very hard on myself. Very hard. And it's people like you that keep me going.

I'm absolutely not saying that I want people sending emails or comments left-and-right to me saying how great I am. I don't want that at all. (I'd hate that , actually.) I am just saying that I really relish in moments when people spur-of-the-moment express their happiness in me and what I do . . . in what my passion lies in. Even if I was a terrible photographer (and maybe I am?), still having positive comments would keep me going and keep me working harder to become a better one. I thrive off of trying hard to make everyone happy and hearing positive things said as a result. Who know if that is a healthy thing or not(?), but that's another entire post, I suppose ;c)

Wanna know why I'm so happy right now? Because my client Rachel, sent me this email:

Val ~

Thanks for all your hardwork making our wedding picture experience so wonderful - from the day of the wedding until now! Phil and I are so happy with our pictures and our album. Phil said he thinks it is the nicest album he has ever seen, and although, to be honest, I'm not sure he looks at as many wedding albums as I do, he isn't overly generous with compliments. Since he left it all up to me to pick out the pictures I was really glad he was pleased with it! He really liked the high quality of the album, too - the thick pages, beautiful mats, etc. The family members who have seen the album have liked it a lot, as well.

I'm hoping there will be an opportunity for Pickles & Pacifiers sometime soon.

So, yeah, I am really happy right now :c)

I work hard at trying to give my clients a good experience. I try very hard. And those who are not happy, I feel, are just trying to take advantage of me somehow (that's another problem I have . . . allowing people to walk all over me and I've gotten TONS better with that since starting my biz. I HAD to! -- wow, you're really learning about all my weaknesses, aren't you?), or else they think I have this business with all kinds of employees who can turn around pictures in no time. I think sometimes people forget that I am ONE person and one person who works from home with 2 small children. I work every waking hour that I have time to, AFTER I meet the needs of my children. I very much wish I could have employees but I just can't afford it yet.

Overall, out of the 50 weddings I have shot and 75 other clients I have had in 5 years, I've maybe only had 2 unhappy clients ever. I think that's pretty good. I always try my best, and the email above is proof of that. It also really affirms to myself that I do give 110% and that maybe, just maybe, I AM pretty good at what I do :c)


Alexis Jacobs said...

You are an amazing photographer. You see things and capture things that no one else would ever dream of. That is what makes you so special.

I can't wait for tonight. It will be awesome to make some special Xmas memories with my special best buddy. However I have to admit I am not liking this weather. It is amazing how much I have adjusted to warm weather. I won't complain to go back to my 70s expected this weekend.

See you in a few hours!!

MP said...

I love the snow too..but we don't have any :-(

Last night I was awarded a "star" for one of my sunset pictures I took and I was over the moon.. I can't imagine how you must feel! I'm thinking of taking a photography class.

Christina said...

You have a gift and you take amazing pictures of whatever you point your camera at, but you are so successful because of who you are. You have a wonderful personality and make it easy for people to be themselves, which makes it easy for you to do your job so very well. I could not image my wedding day without you (and Neil) not only as our photographer, but as our guest.

I know you are not fishing for compliments, but not everyone can do what you do. Anyone can take a picture and call themselves a photographer, but not everyone can take a photograph and capture a memeory like you.

Christina said...

By the way I am not diggin the snow right now, we got about 7 inches up here and it looks pretty until you drive in it :)

Johanna said...

Stop all this nonsense. You are the best photographer that I know! Your pictures are beautiful and passionate, and simply amazing. Now say that back to yourself in the mirror five times. :)

Artsy Momma said...

Wow it is like reading a page right out of my head! Except take out photography and enter in sewing *smile*

Just wanted to say, I know what you mean!

oh amanda said...

You are AMAZINGLY GOOD at what you do! God gave you an amazing talent. Don't doubt His gift!

Michelle said...

Of course, you are our favorite photographer and the best we know! :)

Enjoy your snow! I will enjoy having NO snow!! ;)

lil ole' me..... said...

You know that we love your work, professionalism and incredible talent!
You will be our sole family photographer for years to come. I don't care if we have to drive 2.5 hours to get to you! :)
And, hey, maybe one of these days I will get around to ordering our wedding album.....

~ Melody ~ said...

Congratulations! Having your hard work appreciated and enjoyed has got to be so rewarding.