2007 Uberlist revisited - Did I get'er done??

Here is my Uberlist from 2007 which I posted at the beginning of 2007. Let's see what I've gotten accomplished. Probably not as much as I wish I had . . .


  • DONE - continue to eat every meal at the dining room table unless it's "picnic night"
  • visit Neil's grandmother more often, she is our last remaining grandparent
  • DONE - {we go to the library a lot and I joined a Mom's Group here in town} utilize children activities in my area more, like the play area at the mall, the library, Baby Talk with Jennifer, The Children's Museum, parks, etc.
  • DONE - videotape family more
  • DONE - {I think we almost always do this} dedicate Sunday to family time only
  • {We have honestly not done good at this because I've been so busy before Christmas that I needed Sunday mornings to work, but now we're getting back into the swing of things -- phew!} never skip church
One-Time Tasks
  • DONE - {At least the first part, hehe} finally download Chicago pictures from summer, burn CD for Heather & mom
  • DONE - upload Neil's Japan pictures
  • DONE - do Beth's pictures in Photoshop and burn CD for her
Personal Goals
  • DONE - get back into yoga
  • try pilates finally
  • meet with a lawyer to revise our will
  • waste less time online
  • {not possible when you own a vacant lot that nearly doubles our mortage payment each month!} save money
  • DONE - {Those of you who know me would be so proud if you had seen all that I have thrown away in the past 6 months!} home: quit stockpiling & hoarding, throw more away
  • DONE - {since we have a new car, it's easier for me to do now!} regular car cleaning
  • home: finish up and put away laundry within 24 hours of starting it
  • fun: Read more of my chic lit books; make more time for reading period
  • Getting much better - personal growth: tell my dear friends and family members how much I love them, and do it more often, just say "I love you" more
  • Getting better but not there yet - cook more homemade meals for my family - try new recipes, at least once a week to start!
  • DONE - {I bought an ipod touch which solves this problem!} listen to more music - it relaxes and rejuvenates me, especially my folk tunes
  • DONE - {I've done really really good at this although I need to do it more} shopping: only buy things I REALLY need
  • sell the rest of my ebay things this year - two tubs full of things
  • {lol - yeah right} keep my email emptied out and organized, respond promptly!
  • DONE - {and doing! Getting much much much better and staying on top of it --- yay!} organize my photos
  • organize my scrapbooking, sell my un-needed items
  • DONE - organize my office better
  • BEGUN - {I started on this last week and it's already 500x better! Lots to go, though!} organize old client negatives/files - toss weddings older than 3 years
  • Getting better - read magazines and catalogs promptly, throw out regardless after 2 months
  • {I'm seriously lol at this one. Can you say "time!"?} get back into the flow of using my creativity in other mediums: drawing & painting, for example
  • {Laughing again} finally get my pictures in order starting from our wedding 7 years ago, then Noah, and then Maia
  • {Now beginning to tear up because I haven't done anything of the sort} create albums for the above - nothing fancy that requires a lot of time and money, just simple - I need to make it as easy as possible or I will waste a lot of unnecessary time
  • {Still not doing well at this either . . . wah!} write in my personal journal more, as well as my children's journals which I use to be so good at keeping up on
  • DONE DONE DONE! make an effort to spend one day a week shooting pictures with my D200 of my children instead of my little point-and-shoot
  • DONE some, but more to go. make time for the small creative projects I have put off in Maia and Noah's rooms
  • DONE DONE DONE!!!! redesign my website
  • DONE - {$1500 later!} buy Photoshop CS2
  • actually use my Wacom table or sell it
  • sell all unused items (cameras, lenses, filters, etc) that others could make use out of
  • calibrate my monitors monthly
  • DONE - clean up my computer desktops monthly
  • file income tax on time
  • save, save, save
  • Trying. {I feel like I'm never going to get out of this financial hole.} make the most of my business while having the least amount of overhead
  • DITTO the above. pay off my photography debt
  • {Laughing and crying. At least I only have about 2 years left. Finally.} finally pay off my college tuition
  • BEGUN! save for our 10-year wedding anniversary in 2 years - we want to go someplace out of the country but it's a secret ;)
  • {I feel like a horrible friend.} Nat & Shawn: make more of an effort to visit them (and Bella & new baby) in St Louis
  • Kristin & Chris: make more of an effort to visit them (and Jack) in Peoria
  • DONE - {They are now moving to Georgia! Wah!} Andrea & Rusty: make more of an effort to visit them (and Audrie) in Peoria
  • Matt & Anissa: while in Peoria meet up with them and the fam
  • {While I didn't fly out there, I did get to see Jen over the summer and this October I will get to see her in New Orleans!} Jen & Ryan: fly out to see them and Addy in Mississippi before October, hop over to New Orleans and reminisce
  • {Didn't get to fly to see Alexis, Lisa or Jen, but I did get to see Alexis a couple of times last year . . . yay!} Alexis: fly out to see her and the fam in North Carolina, while there, drive over to see Lisa and fam in Virginia, possibly trek up - or meet halfway - Hen Jen in Maine
  • {Finally going in Feb!} Brad, Chel and Ella: fly out to see them in Oklahoma
  • Jamie: meet her for lunch once/month, more if possible
  • DONE - Sara: shopping extravaganza with her in Chicago, spend more time in her new digs
  • Jason & Jo: see them and their new home in Chicago
  • Halfway done - {I saw her once and she shot a wedding with me!} Allison: make sure I see her at least twice/year
  • DONE - {I see this chickie too much -- just kidding!} Heather: continue seeing her almost weekly and do a girly getaway (just her and I) over a weekend
  • See Katie and David and meet Rachel - in Chicago {I just added this one in 2008}

  • eat healthier - more veggies and fruits, drink more water
  • schedule appts for my tonsilectomy (ENT) - finally! - and my appt with dermatologist
  • DONE - start back with yoga 3x/week
  • use lotion on a daily basis
  • paint my nails once a month (right now it's more like once a year, not kidding)
  • Halfway done - {One pedicure in 2007} go back to getting twice/year spa pedicures
  • {I think I do pretty good at this} continue staying out of the sun
  • {Ditto to the above} be more breast cancer aware
I think I did okay in 2007. I could have done better. But I'm still really happy with what I did accomplish. Yay me.


Mrs. M said...

rather impressive! I think I need to organize my goals like that!

it's me, Val said...

Thank you :)

Hey mrs. m . . . will you put me on your blog list . . . I've missed your blog list as I know it's invitee only . . . hope you're doing well :)

SuperMom said...

Wow, I think you accomplished a lot-- that's a big list!

it's me, Val said...

Thanks, Cait. The neat thing for me is, I only came back to this list to look at it once in the whole year. I just kind of did all things I felt I needed to (although there are gizillion more things I need/want to do!). . . just a natural pull to do them. I feel I accomplished a lot just by not having to LOOK at the list to be able to accomplish what was on the list. I'm a big list person, and quite frankly, I hate being a list person. It's overwhelming! So I feel good by the red all over this list! :c)

Jennifer said...

Way to go Val! I would say you did pretty good.

mama2dibs said...

I think I like my 1001 in 101...it gives me a little more time to get things done. Of course, if you do the math, we'll probably have about the same percentage done by the time all is said and done. :)


Michelle said...

How good does it feel to have accomplished THAT much!! That is great! :):)

Heather said...

You can never see too much Heather! Seeing Heather is good for your work (I help keep you sane during weddings), good for helping to keep you car clean (I giggle when I see food and various wrappers that I may be sitting on), and good for your health/beauty (I make you laugh which makes you look good on the outside and inside:).

Lindsay said...

Very impressive. I think that my goal will be to set some goals :)

Alexis Jacobs said...

You did such an awesome job. (Even though you never did make it here **sniff sniff**)

So what is your list for this year? Maybe I will have to steal this idea.

Of course I would have to put it on my to-do list and who knows when I will get to it.

Katie said...

Wow! What a year you've had! Now, about that new one...wait six weeks and then you can come see our house! And I'll hold you to it! XOXO