I {heart} fun assignments!

My latest fun project with work has been designing save-the-dates for my cousin's wedding. Not only do I get to shoot the wedding, but I also get to design the save-the-dates and the actual wedding invitation! How neat is THAT?! Here is the final save-the-date. How lucky am I, really, to have such a great job. It really is hardly a job when I get to do such fun and different things such as this!

I also posted this at my typepad blog . . . which I hope to start updating a lot more in the coming days and weeks as well. It's so nice for things to have finally slowed down a bit!

P.S. Their last name will start with a "B" if you weren't able to figure that part out ;c)


The Trier and Jen said...

very pretty
well done Val

lil ole' me..... said...

Love it!!!

Johanna said...


Michelle said...

So cool!

oh amanda said...

Way cute, Val! Like I said, "Where were you when I was getting married?!"

Alexis Jacobs said...

Very cool!