Snapshots of Rainy China

Guess what?! I finally have pictures to show from Neil's trip to China! He took over 100 and a big majority are from the car, but nevertheless, they ARE FROM CHINA! He caught some great stuff and I find it very interesting. I also have found myself thanking God that I live in the free and beautiful country that I live in. I had him put his pictures on flickr so he titled them and described them himself, so they're all in his words. Enjoy his view of China. (click here!)


Missy!! said...

The pictures are great! Isn't it unreal how different it is once you get out of the good ole US of A? I'd never trade countries.. ever!

I hope you enjoyed your trip Neil.. but I know for a fact your family enjoys having you home! :)

Val.. have fun in the Okie state.. take good care of all those girls... well, and Brad too!! Take thousands of pictures and feel free to share immediately! I can't wait!! :)

The Trier and Jen said...

neat photos Im off to see the rest

MP said...

I didn't realize there were two photographers in the family..WOW

Anonymous said...

Wow, Neil did a great job, are you sure you were here and not behind the camara in China. SOOO different, glad I live here and not there. I'm kinda confused about that toilet!!

Louise said...

Great pics!! Thanks for sharing!