To honeymoon in Mexico? . . . or California?

We got loads and loads of snow last night and into today. 12 inches to be exact. (wowzers!) Every school in the area was canceled, including the universities and government buildings which rarely ever close for anything. My hubby didn't even think twice about driving 30 minutes to work. Our street wasn't even plowed which automatically made a sign flash in front of our eyes that read "Lazy Day Today!".

I really like snow, but after all this, I'm ready for spring and to see some flowers again. The thought of warm weather has made me think of vacations. And my friend, Missy, her post about finding a vacation spot this year made me think about our honeymoon next summer.


Yes, honeymoon. Next year will be our 10th anniversary and we have never been on a honeymoon. (Crazy, eh?!) We haven't even ever been anywhere together -- alone -- for over a weekend anyplace. The farthest we've traveled together is Arizona and New Orleans and those trips have just been over long weekends. And Arizona was for our friends' wedding which we just made a day or two longer so we could see some of Arizona.

I'm more than ready to get away with my husband. Finally. I feel like I've known him for ever and ever. Well, because I sort of have. We have been "together" for 15 years and have known each other for 23 years. It's time to get away with this guy . . . my best friend. :c) (Yes, that is cheesy, but nevertheless, it's true.)

I've never been west of Omaha, Nebraska. Well, for the exception of Arizona (Sedona & Phoenix). I've never been to the New England area, either. (How boring am I?!) I've never been to Canada. I've only been out of the country once, and that was to Brazil. I've also been to Hawaii. I've been to a handful of areas within the U.S., just not a lot. But come next week, I will be able to add Oklahoma to my list of places I've been! (Yay!)

So . . . drum roll . . . I think we've narrowed down our place of destination to either Mexico or California.


Well, because I have a huge passion and love for ancient art and a lot of it resides there in Mexico. I took tons of classes in college on art history and fell in love with the ancient art. One semester I studied the Mayan Culture (the art of) and wrote my term paper on the amazing Mayan Women. They absolutely fascinate me. (They were oh-so-powerful and idolized!) Most of the Mayans resided in Mexico with some residing in Central America and a few in South America. I would absolutely LOVE to see some of the Mayan ruins face-to-face. Love to! And to photograph them. Ooooo . . . what a dream come true that would be.
I would like to stay at a 4 or 5-star resort (why, yes!!), maybe all-inclusive?, and the times we aren't exploring the Mayans, I would want to be on the beach drinking margaritas :c) But another part of me wants to explore wine country of California and make my way to San Fransisco, but that would require a whole lot of driving and not staying put in one place for very long. But that is another thing I would really love to do.

I also really want to travel to Italy and Greece one day. I don't know if I want that to be right now yet or not. I may want to bring my kids with me to see those areas. Or, maybe not? :c)

So I'm posting this just to get some opinions. Have you been to Mexico? What parts? Did you see the Ruins? Did you like Mexico? Did you stay in an all-inclusive resort? (We've never stayed at one, but have heard it's the "route to go".)

(If I had endless money, this is where I would go in a heartbeat!)

What about California? Do you think we should skip Mexico this time around and go to California instead? We're really leaning towards Mexico, so trying to change my mind would take a lot, but if you know me, you know I'm easily swayed.

So please let me know your thoughts! We have to plan this because we have to save save save! (Money does not grow on trees here.) And, we want to do it right. So any advice would be absolutely fantastic and very appreciative!!

This will be my last post before I leave for Oklahoma (well, unless baby A decides to come before I leave, and I can't not tell about that!)! So . . . I'll be seeing you in one week with pictures of a new beautiful baby girl in my family, and hope to return to a lot of great vacationing advice!


The Trier and Jen said...

safe travels Val and have a great time


a wandering heart said...

All inclusive is a GREAT way to go. Congrats on finally getting a well-deserved honey-moon!

We're heading to visit the Biltmore for a little Valentine's getaway. Well, not staying there, but in the vicinity... it's our first "just for us" weekend since becoming parents.

Mexico sounds great right now. My Spanish is rusty. I spent 1 week in Puebla, and visitied the ruins in cholula... very fascinating to walk through the dark tunnels, and have a church built on top of a pyramid. Puebla has beautiful colonial architecture, including the oldest theater in the New World, the Fort from the Battle of Puebla (Cinco de MAyo).... and is within dusting distance from the ashes of Popocateptl when it is spewing. I was sneezing black stuff for a week when I returned.

I also spent a month in Culiacan, Sinaloa. It's much more flat, not really resort-ish, but the people were wonderful! I'll never forget when one of the politicians had fresh dirt dumped in the streets of one of the local villages as part of his campaign "gifts" to the people.... or the chicken that spent time inside, or the pitbull the was chained to the banana tree or the roof.... or the kids. I will never forget the kids I worked with.

Okay, enough rambling. This is your blog. Anyway, good luck decidingw here you'll go. I do have friends who have a house in Merida (on the Yucutan) if you wanted a less glamourous but very authentic experience.

Stacey said...

Advice? Oh Val I just want to come along--is that okay? ;0

I never gave the Mayans much thought until this year--we touched on them in Alex's homeschool studies. Isn't that photo an altar--once they used to sacrifice so many people both willing and unwilling? That blew me away! I'm with you, I think that'd be a grand idea, and I'd so enjoy hearing what you learned, seeing the photos.

*And thanks Val, you're so very kind to offer to help with the photo. I'll let you know how Katja does--maybe it'll need a collaboration? Either way, I'm deeply touched by your offer. Wow. xoxo

Stacey said...

Oh yea--almost forgot...who does have a money tree? I need one of those.

Alexis Jacobs said...

Mexico... all the way. We have been to Puerta Varetta (Sp?) and Cozemel. Matt has been to other places with work. It is definetely a place of culture, plus they have amazing snorkling.

As far as all-inclusive it is the better way to go if you plan on drinking and usually there are tons of food choices. My SIL did her honeymoon there at an all inclusive resort.

Good luck with your choice!

Jennifer said...

I would go to either...but since I'm the kind of person that like variety I would personally do NEITHER. I would head for Maine! For several reasons.. cobble street road, great view, GREAT restaurants...you would love it...and they still have an ocean!! Everything is so clean, the poeple are great..Maine is one of my fav. places to be...and if Nissan was there..WE would live there. Its' like an old German town in the US

so there you have it..you know me full of options:)

mama2dibs said...

I've never been to either Mexico or California, but I concur that all inclusive is the ONLY way to go...especially if you like alcohol.

Michelle said...

Go with Mexico! Personally, never been there, but would love to! You have always wanted to travel there, I know, so go for it!! :)

Can't wait to see you and Maia in only TWO days!! :):)

Jen said...

I've been to Mexico 3 times, twice with my hubby - once for our honeymoon. I LOVED the Mayan Riviera; saw the ruins and stayed at a 5 star all-inclusive (Bahia Principe Tulum). It was wonderful and I woudl highly recommend it.

Got some great photographs too!

I've never been to California for more than a few days at Disney, so I can't comment on that. I have spent 3 weeks on the Greek islands though (a second honeymoon so to speak) and I would pick that over Mexico any day! But you need a bit of time to do Greece...and Greece is a very kid-friendly place, too.

Can't wait to hear what you choose.

a wandering heart said...


Here's the link to the all-inclusive a friend and her dh went to last January....

Sara said...

Both my sis in law and bro in law went to Cancun for their honeymoons. It looks like a fabo place to visit. I think though I'd recommend Playa del Carmen b/c it's not quite as touristy, I think, don't really know but it should be since it's not actually cancun.

We honeymooned in Puerta Vallarta in an all inclusive and it was nice (we didn't really get all of the all inclusive though b/c it was a share of my parents timeshare and we didn't get everything).

If you go to Mexico you must, I repeat must eat tacos al pastor. Oh how I miss my tacos. The best are street ones but I wouldn't recommend that if you're on vacation since you never know ;)!

dcrmom said...

I don't have any advice b/c I haven't experienced those places. But my neighbor who is a travel agent loves Mexico and also pushes the all inclusive thing.

Cute blog you have here!

Missy!! said...

I vote Mexico too! :) (Mom and I are actually discussing this route too!) Go to Cancun there are TONS of ruins right around there... (just for a scale.. my mom went to Chichen Itza from Cancun (about half way into the country) and she said it was like a 45 min- 1 hour bus ride.. not bad at all! My brother also went there, and said they stayed at Sandles? maybe and it was walking distance to the beach and the little shopping bazaar / bars and that inclusive was the way to go!

I think you should go... anywhere! You and Neil definitely deserve some time for just you! :) YAY!! Enjoy Ella and Little Miss A... and.. you could maybe send a couple pictures my way.. right? I would be SOOO grateful!!

Deborah said...

if you want to lie on a beach and drink and just totally relax, an all-inclusive it the way to go.

CA is wonderful, so much to see and do (SF is one of my favorite cities), but it would be a much more active (and expensive) trip.

Either one would be great, I'm sure! Enjoy!

Cerella said...

Okay, I'm gonna be the odd gal out here but my vote is on California. I've been to San Francisco twice and Los Angeles once. I loved it!
I have also been to Mexico once. We did have a great time but I personally would NEVER go back. Not even if someone were to give me a FREE all inclusive deal. I don't feel comfortable going to a country that only wants my money and for the most part has little or no respect for me as an American. I'm speaking from some personal experiences along with the fact that a friend of mine was murdered in Mexico and their government seems to have NO interest in finding her killers.
Sorry this comment is a little bit of a buzz kill but it's just my opinion. Go for California! You won't regret it and you'll be much safer! :)

Anonymous said...

We enjoyed Mexico, didn't go to the ruins because we decided to save some things to do next time we go back (which got put off because of the arrival of Chloe). Now we are wanting to go there in the next year or two and take her. We've always done all inclusive and it's great, lots of entertainment too, like poolside drinking games ect...but if you don't like that sort of thing, there's always a different pool to go to. And the photo opportunities would be awesome!!!!vic

Ora said...

Good for people to know.