Happy Spring, Happy Linky-love, Happy Winnings!

I can't believe it's almost Easter Sunday! They say we will never again see Easter this early in our lifetimes. I can't remember why . . . something with the moon . . . but how interesting that is! It's really really early this year but maybe it's a sign that we are going to have bulbs poking their beautiful heads up earlier than usual? I hope so. When I peeked outside this morning, I saw some new green grass poking out above the dead wintry grass. What a nice feeling to see beautiful colors of nature.

It is our first spring here at the new house and it's really bittersweet for me. While I'm excited to have the first spring here in the new house because it means my children have a new year of being a kid with brand new adventures, it's hard for me because I really really really miss where we use to live. Like tons. I don't know. It's just hard. There are many a days where I want to be back there. I hold back tears thinking about it. You know me, attachment to everything.

But on the positive side of this, with spring brings lots of new things. New flowers, of course, which I absolutely can't wait for. Neil and I can't wait to get our hands dirty and begin getting a new garden started and design a new perennial garden for our new and very empty back yard. With spring also brings new adventures for the kids. I'm hoping Maia will be able to actually pedal on her bike this year. Last year we had to push her everywhere and that got awfully tiring! I also am excited to find a walking trail for us to go on. Back in D-town we had a "route" we walked every single night. It equaled out to 1-2 miles. It should be interesting here in this new very small town because it's not all that big and 1 mile would take us to the other side of town!

In the blogging world, spring for me means finding new blogging friends. And with the Ultimate Blog Party, I managed to find a handful of friends through their fantastic blogs. Here's s a sampling of my faves in no particular order:

Minimalist Mommy
Adventures of Wondermommy
Robin Bielman
Valley Girl - I like her name, don't you? :c)
Candi @ All Day Night
Write From Karen
Sheena @ Mommy Daddy Blog
Jessica in Rome
my melange
Conversations with my HairdryerA Sample of Jennifer's Thoughts (we have tons in common!)
Thoughts From Dimple Queen
Noel from Pretty By Nature
Becoming Me
Little Bird Creations
Daily Randomness
The Impoverished Preppy

Now I have to figure out how I'm going to keep up reading these when I constantly already have troubles doing so with the ones I already have in my bloglines . . . { sigh . . . }

So one of the people I mentioned above won my contest!!! Only FIVE people answered correctly! I give huge kudos to these five { Aimee, Candi, Erin, Jennifer, and Katie } because there were a lot of questions to answer and a lot of reading to answer those questions! I truly thank everyone who entered because it means a) you wanted to learn more about me and/or b) you really really wanted a canvas print! Either way, thank you. I had a lot of fun doing the contest and I hope this means you learned enough about me to want to come back.

Now for the winner . . . drum roll . . . Noah drew the name for me this morning . . . and he drew . . . Candi!! Yay, Candi!! I will be emailing you to find out how you want to go about the canvas. Be looking for your favorite digital photos on your computer! Congratulations, Candi! I'm so excited to have met you and I look forward to our future blogging frenzies. :c) Sorry dear Aimee, Erin, Jennifer and Katie . . . I hope to have more contests again with the same awesome prize! Thanks so so much for playing and being so loyal!

Anyone interested in the answers? Let me know and I'll post them. I feel like this post has probably already gotten a tad bit long, eh?

We're off to see the Easter bunny tonight. We've never done it before (Santa, either) so I think we may give it a try finally. Happy spring, happy Linky-love (amanda, I hope you don't mind I stole that slogan from you -- please forgive your bbbf) and happy winnings to Candi!


Candi said...

I am soooo excited about this. We just moved into this house one year ago and I don't have a lot of pictures up on the walls yet. I LOVE having pics of my boys up, so this is great. Now to start going through my pictures!!

Thanks for the awesome prize!!

Erin said...

Aw, congratulations Candi! (can I still have one too? Just kidding.) That was a fun contest Val : ) Very creative. I'm going to go look at some of those blogs you listed.

it's me, Val said...

Erin, I knew you would because you are a linky-lover! (Like me!)

And Candi, yay! I can't wait to see what pic you choose :)

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

Happy Easter Val
It caught me unawares too

lots of things to look forward too :)


Jennifer said...

Congrats Candi!!!

It was fun to play, Val. And I will be here reading...often.

Like you I'm going to have to figure out how to read all my 'regular' blogs and all the new ones! But I'll find a way LOL!

mama2dibs said...

Val, I just love you! You are so creative and so fun. I just love reading each and every new post you put up.

As for Easter, I don't know about it being quite this early, but I do know Libby was born on Easter afternoon 3 years ago (March 27...boo, my baby is growing up) and her birthday won't be on Easter again until she's 11 years old. I think that's kind of cool. :)

Christina said...

Happy Easter! I wish I could think of Spring but they are telling us 6 inches of snow by Saturday morning! Yuck!!!

I didn't have time to enter the contest, I would love to have on of my Ireland pics as a canvas print!

Noel said...

Yeah, thanks Val! I feel so special. Making friends at this point in my life sometimes feels like I'm dating again. LOL I'm always greatful for new like-minded mommy friends IRL or blogging.

Is Sunday really Easter already? UGG. SO much to do since we are moving in 2 weeks. I'm sad because we are leaving the only place we've lived in Chicago, the place we brought our baby home but things keep moving. Ah well everything always works out for the good. Happy Spring...sorta

Casey said...

I suck. I got on the computer too late to send in my answers :( I forgot about the easter bunny, I may have to take my girls this afternoon now, have a happy Easter!

Mel's World said...


You are one funny chick! I love when you post because I always know it comes from your heart.

I am so glad that you came to visit me during the UBP and I would be honored to link up with ya!

I have been meaning to come over to visit more since the UBP, but I have had BOTH my boys have birthday's (eek...12 and 14 now...am I really that old?) and just been swamped.

If ya don't mind me asking...where is "D-town" and when did ya move? I moved from KY to Ft. Lauderdale many many years ago, but my heart and home still beats for the South!

Take Care,

Michelle said...

I didn't get to the contest either!! I really did want too, and it just didn't happen this week! What a fun idea though! :) I will have to check out some of your new bloggy friends...if I ever get a spare minute! I too, can't keep up these days!

Chel said...

I know all-too-well the pain of wishing you were somewhere else. Hang in there. It honestly does get better, and I swear I thought it never would. :)

a wandering heart said...

I know what you mean about struggling to keep up with blogs in your blogroll/bookmarks!!! I am terrible at it.

Alexis Jacobs said...

Great... more blogs for me to check out. Ha ha

I can totally understand your thoughts on the old versus new house. I still have them and this is my second year here. ((hugs)) But look at all the awesome things you get to do there. You will have fun and I can't wait to see pictures.


oh amanda said...

Ugh, I can't believe I didn't enter. I kept stopping by to read, but then never commented, etc. *sigh*

Anyway, steal anything I write, I'm sure I just stole it from someone else! ;)