"Trail Mix"

We just had Easter (probably like most of you) yesterday afternoon on Neil's mom's side. It was really nice. Lots of kiddos. I made fruit pizza which was too pretty not to take a picture of! I had a piece for breakfast this morning. Mmmmmm . . . (All the food and conversation was very good! Hope you all had nice Easter celebrations as well.)

Remember my face pain a week ago? It turned out to be a sinus infection! I have 2 or 3 more days left of my antibiotic. I feel sooooo much better. That was absolutely no fun at all (and very scary)!

Today I finally see a doctor for my back pain. I'm now seeing a neurosurgeon. Hopefully it will all go okay. I'm not really nervous because I don't think it's anything serious. I just want to get it fixed and the chiro isn't helping that area of my back at all which tells me it's not mechanical?? I'm just ready for today to be over with already. (I also have my "yearly". Blech.)

Last week was a really successful week for us with potty training. We went all week long wearing big girl undies with no training pants or the like! We either went bare booty or underwear. (Maia, not me! I always try to be clothed!) Night time is a bit harder, so we're wearing diapers to bed still. But I know we're on the right track because this is how it went down with Noah. Noah was trained when he was ready, and I think Maia is following in his same "I'll do it when I'm ready" pattern. Yayyyyyyyy!!! What will we do with all that extra diaper money?!

The kids got an Easter package in the mail from their cousins,
Ella and Adi. And guess what?! Mommy got a little treat, too, from Chel. It's the cutest little giftie ever and I can't wait to plant the seeds :c) Thank you, darlin'!

My weddings start back up in 3 weeks!

Remember how I said I wasn't going to do anymore weddings or else very little?! Well, I really do have a hard time saying no. I have nine. Totally better than 15+ which is what I did every year for a few years. But it's still too many. I really seriously am not taking any next year. (PLEASE hold me to this, friends!) Neil and I both decided last night that it would be a good idea. Now if you're a friend or someone who has lots of really different fun ideas, I might possibly be swayed. (hehe)

Next weekend I get to see Corie! She's coming home for her BABY SHOWER! Then 2 weeks after that I get to do her maternity photos!! (She'll be such a beautiful subject, too. Okay, so will Keith, her hubby, but I think Corie's going to be glowing a teeny-tiny bit more?)

Over the weekend I got my hair cut (only like a 1/2 inch) but I also got it colored and thinned out. I have soooooo much hair so thinning it out totally changed how it looks and feels. I love it. Noah told me I looked "pretty". If that doesn't make a mommy feel good, I'm not sure what else would! He's such a sweet boy.

Neil and I rented our first movie in probably 2 years . . . the Holiday. I remember Corie and Keith telling me about it a while back, so that was the one I chose. I can't wait to see it. The last time I saw a movie at the theater was with Alexis and Jamie. How long ago was that, girls?! Well over a year, wasn't it?

I was about to buy this chair last night, but then thought I'd ask your opinions on it. I always feel confident in my purchases when it comes to cameras or lenses or clothes or paint colors. But a desk chair which could change the way my back feels forever because I practically live in it, well, that's a different story! I tried out a whole bunch after my hair cut at Office Depot and Staples on Saturday. I definitely do not like the big frumpy cushy executive chairs because they are not made for sitting at a desk staring at a computer screen for hours on end kind-of-work. At least not for me and my back. I need high lumbar support big time. I hope this one will work. I want to order it online because it's free shipping and I have a $30 off coupon when ordering online. (at Staples) You can't beat that. Any suggestions or advice? Why am I so nervous about this purchase?

Oh, and I forgot to add that I hope to post an entry this week on something photography-related! Alexis's gizillion trillion questions to me when about to purchase her new (awesome DSLR Nikon) camera a while back stemmed an idea in my head to turn those questions and answers into an informative post for you. So look for that this week!!


Jennifer said...

I told you that you had a sinus infection....now onto that mattress and causing you a bigger problem(*hint*hint*)

that pizza looks great...ummmm

I like the chair..have you check at medical supply store for chairs. that's where a friend of mine got hers and she loves it. I think she got hers at Southern Medical.

love the hair...you look smokin. I need mine cut in a bad way...a huge downfall to having short hair, you have to maintain it all the time. mine every 3-4 weeks

talk to ya soon and I'm glad you feel better. I'll pat my back now:0 hehe

it's me, Val said...

Thanks for saying I look smokin'. Does a mommy friend good! :)

I just don't know what to do about the bed because it's such a large purchase and not one that we can afford right now. I'm going to ask the neuro doc today and see what he thinks. We did try to turn the mattress over so that the "pillow top" is turned down but that mattress is not made for that and it would be like sleeping on a slab of wood. Not good!

thanks for the chair idea! I have looked into some of those Ergonomical chairs and they are soooo expensive beginning at a $1,000. Way out of my league. If I get something from Staples, I will just return it if it doesn't seem to help. Yeah ... that's what I'll do ;c)

Alexis Jacobs said...

Cute entry! Love the hair and the chair is so you. Looks pretty comfy.

I love dessert pizza. And yeah Maia!!

Good luck today.

it's me, Val said...

A chair --- so me? That's funny! :) Cuz it's red?? I swear that isn't the only reason why I want that one!

Johanna said...

adorable hair. You always look so pretty though, so no shock there. :) Everytime I see that picture wall in a shot, I love it more. I am the persont that like totally looks at all the cute pictures in the picture. :) Someday you'll have to help me make one!
cute chair too! It will match your office dearie! Happy Easter!

lil ole' me..... said...

Oh man, where did my comment go?

Ok, here it goes again....

That fruit pizza looks yummy!!! Wish I could cut myself a piece right from my computer screen!

Did you watch The Holiday yet? I hope you liked it. I bought it and have watched it over and over. I bet the soundtrack is really good too!

I am so excited to see you this weekend. I was just getting ready to write a post about my extremely talented photographer-friend who is doing my maternity shots next month! :)

Since I'm at work, I can't see your chair. They block all sites that we can buy stuff from! :) I guess so we don't spend our work hours shopping.... thankfully, they still let us check blogs!

Erin said...

The dessert pizza looks scrumptious!!! Wish I had some for breakfast : )

I'm glad you are feeling better. That is no fun.

Hopefully the Neurosurgeon will be able to help you. Back pain is awful to live with day in and day out.

Yay, Maia!!! I'm so glad she's doing it successfully. Isn't that crazy that we're potty training at the same time? : ) Aidan's doing pretty good, too. I'll be glad when I can stop reminding her, though.

I'm working on a package for you, too...hee, hee...

Yay for you doing less weddings...although I do LOVE looking at your pictures and admiring your handy-work after each one. You got so much talent, girl!

I wish I could see Corie too : ) Since I missed her when I was there. I can't wait to see pics!

You look absolutely gorgeous, my dear! LOVE your hair (shirt is cute, too). And I hear you about having a lot of hair! It's time to go for a thinning and trim for me too!

Have you watched "The Holiday" already? Don't you just love it? I heart Jude Law...sigh...and I just love that movie. One of my faves.

The link wouldn't take me to the chair. I want to see the chair too (she says in a whiney voice).

Oh, you'll be so proud of me. After your post last year about external hard drives, I got one last week to back up all my pics. Thanks to you and your helpful info.

Happy day to you, darlin'!

Jennifer said...

That pizza looks delicious!! Makes me want to make a fresh fruit tart that I got from Pauala Deen's recipes!!

Love the hair too!! I just recently began having mine highlighted, and cut shorter...makes me feel good when I do!

Sorry, I can't help with the chair issues. And I won't tell you about the horrible experience we had with Staples over Christmas. I don't think we'll shop there again.

Ps....today I hit 3-2 just like you ;)

Missy!! said...

So.. is that pizza a "family recipe" or are you willing to share it?? Looks absolutely delicious!

Chel said...

Ok, chickie, you have GOT to get Netflix! If it weren't for that, we'd never see any new movies. But to have them delivered to your door & you can watch them whenever? Perfect. Go on, now, try it.

I tagged you in a meme on my blog. Come over and play. And then click the Netflix link. :)

it's me, Val said...

Chel, I DO have netflix! I guess that says who gets to see all the movies . . . my children! It's time to start doing something for us, eh?!

Cassie said...

dessert pizza looks YUMMY!!! I will ave to make one of those soon...

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

Oh Val
that pizza looks yummy!!!!!!!!!!!

good girl you went and saw your doctor I believe antibiotics are the only way to get rid of sinus infections

praying about your back

Our Little Man seems to still lose control of his bladder when wearing undies
still well get there eventually
and yes your right the extra bit of cash is nice

bless the cousins and your? sister

bless Noah and hes right too :)

have a good week my friend

Minimalist Mommy said...

Hi there, I love the hair. Sometimes getting a few inches cut is all we need to feel refreshed. I love the pizza idea and may try that when fruit around here is not as expensive as the Hope Diamonds.

MP said...

I LOVE LOVE fruit pizza and it's just so darn fattening.
Hair looks great...I'm so jealous of all that body!
Sinus infections suck so bad...you feel like just taking the front of your face off and ripping out all the yicky stuff..right?

oh amanda said...

I love your trail mix! I eat it up every word!

Candi said...

That pizza looks yummy!!

Your hair looks great.

I also like seeing the picture set up in your stair well. That is the area that I still need to hang pictures and I haven't been real sure how to set it all up.