What's your color memory and office chair suggestions?

Can you do this??


On my first try I got 45. I think that's probably considered good, but being I was an Visual Communication Design art major (a.k.a. Graphic Design), I'm kinda disappointed in myself! See what you can do and tell me what you got because I'm really curious!

So I have a question. I'm assuming that a lot of desk-job women are coming by here. My question is, what kind of chair do you use at your desk?

My chiropractor thinks that some of my back issues stem from the desk chair I use and the fact that I sit at my desk for hours and hours. On weekends I sometimes spend 10 hours in my chair. I guess I never thought about how graphic design (which I get to use now with my digital photography job) would one day mean that I would stare hours on end at a computer screen and probably develop bad posture.

The chiro said it's very important about the placement of my computer screen. He said that it should be directly in front of me and not at the side and that I shouldn't be looking down at the screen. He said if I need to put books under it to lift it up, to do that. So I've done all his suggestions. I do, however, think the biggest culprit in my back troubles is my chair, which I got in November (it was my grandfather's).

My back pain didn't begin until this year and I've never had this sort of back pain before. (I broke my tailbone playing softball in high school and had major lower back spasms, but that was a pain which stemmed from a known injury.) We also have a new mattress which I question, too, but I want to concentrate on the chair first since it's the least expensive to replace!

I would love to get an ergonomical chair, especially an Aeron one (seen to the left). But holy cow, are they expensive (-- over a thousand dollars expensive)! Are they worth that? If I had the money I would buy one in a heartbeat. My chiropractor suggested it, but he also said there are a lot of spin-offs of it now too, which are much much cheaper.

What do you suggest for me?

My husband and I are going to start looking. But as we all know, the best people to give you shopping advice are those who have had positive experiences with the product! My mom may be able to help me since she works at a bank. Mom . . . what do you bank people recommend? I really need something with good lower and upper back support, something that can be adjusted up and down and forwards and backwards.

I thought about one of these to the right because they encourage sitting up straight, but I've had two people say "ehh, I don't think you'd be happy with that." So it's been vetoed. And you must remember, I live 2-1/2 hours from Chicago so I don't go there all that often. I live near Decatur (where I was born) so office chair shopping is pretty limited for me. I'll probably have to shop in an Office Max or Staples. So keep that in mind. I'd rather not order online if I can help it!

Whatcha think? I need some major help. My back will thank you over and over. I loooove my chiro but man, he is EXPENSIVE!!! I'd rather love something more that costs me less!


Stephanie said...

I got 30 - who knew CORN was a color.

it's me, Val said...

. . . and asparagus!

SuperMom said...

I got 33-- a lot more than I thought I'd get!

Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

I got 27...it wouldn't take burgandy or navy. I guess this test doesn't go all the way back to 1995.

And about the chair? I think you've seen the one I'm using on my blog. The card table chair. I don't suggest one of those, even though you can get 4 for $60 or something. I am interested in what you get though, as I will be shopping for one to go with the office makeover as soon as I can squeeze a few bucks out of my husband.

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

those chairs would be nice but cost heaps
mind if it helps your back it might be worth it

Mel's World said...

Hey Val...

Came back over to email you about your comment in Mel's World Travel Biz...
"Mel, I may need you to help me plan our 10th anniversary vaca. I'm in dire need of help . . . at least making the decision on WHERE to go. We've narrowed it down to 2 places . . . unless you have another great suggestion ;) "

I would love to chat with you on some vacation ideas and also show you my travel web site.

As far as the chair goes, I got a couple of things for ya.

1) YEAH, you go to the chiro! I go every week and totally love it, so you are already ahead of the game there.

2) YEP, your computer should be directly infront of you. I just had to move mine because it was off to the left side. I bought a laptop stand to lift it up so it is eye level with me, and I have another monitor screen off to the right side to keep my web site open at all times.

3) Chair is a HUGE deal. We have executive desk chairs in our home office ($150-250) but they are well worth it.

My entire business is online, so I am virtually online all day long, so we figured it was important to make sure that we had some "good" supplies.

Hope this helps...can't wait to hear from you so we can dream and have fun planning your big vacation!!! ;) (YEAH!)))

Email me at mashburntravel[at]bellsouth[dot]net

Take Care,

Mel's World said...

I got 27 too...I am SO NOT impressed...especially since I have 100 different colored gel pens on my desk STARING at me! (How sad is that?)

Anonymous said...

I actually have one of the kneeling chairs you have pictured and I adore it. But it's definitely something you'd want to test a few times before buying. Having worked long hours in offices over the past few years...just make sure that what ever you choose can be adjusted pretty much any way (height, tilt, height of arm rests, angle of seat, etc).

Hope this helps!

lil ole' me..... said...

Val, I've always heard that sitting on one of those big exercise balls helps, but I doubt it will give you the support you are looking for.

And, I got 35 colors. Burnt sienna was a color in my 64 Crayola box, but didn't count on the quiz! That was tough.. :)

Alexis Jacobs said...

I have a big black leather chair. It was $$ but I love love love it and it doesn't hurt my back like my old chair did.

Johanna said...

just a quick note... i am so behind. Jason has that Aeron chair at his work. They give them to everyone- nice huh? anyway, they are expensive, but he swares by it.

Johanna said...

just a quick note... i am so behind. Jason has that Aeron chair at his work. They give them to everyone- nice huh? anyway, they are expensive, but he swares by it.

oh amanda said...

I have no idea about the chair. What does your chiro say?