Today I . . .

. . . woke up earlier than usual and actually had time to sit down with a cup of coffee before taking Noah to school.

. . . stayed at Noah's school today for two hours shooting pictures of he and all his schoolmates. It was really fun. I love watching children of all ages learn.

. . . watched Maia be a big girl and play on the play equipment with all the "big kids". She doesn't need me so much anymore. It's hard for me, but I'm happy for her making a stride in independence.

. . . took the kids to the library and saw Noah and Maia sit down at the table and read to each other. Talk about a tug at my heart!

. . . leave shortly to step foot in mom and dad's new house! They close on their house in just a little over an hour. I'm so so so excited for them. Now I pray they can sell their old house. Will you pray, too? The market just is not good right now.

. . . ask you to pray for a friend's loss. She had a miscarriage at 12 weeks a few months go. Then not long ago she found out she had a viable pregnancy (with a heartbeat and sac!) and today at her ultrasound she found out the baby died. I know what she is going through and I know that the only thing that will carry her through are prayers. Please pray.

. . . have to go to the store to buy a new belt for my vacuum (I can't go a day without vacuuming and already it's driving me crazy being unable to and it's not even been 18 hours!) and also Oreos for friends, Beth and Rodrigo. Tomorrow I shoot their maternity photos and Beth is craving Oreos. I thought I'd be nice :c)

. . . leave you with a picture for Foto Friday. Noah's all ready for the weekend. Are you?


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

sounds like a good morning

praying for your mom and dad

ohhhh my heart goes out to your friend
HUGE HUGS to her
Im praying I know what its like too

such a cool dude you have there :)


Jen @ One Moms World said...

Mr. Cool Dude he is.

I will say prayers for your friend. I can't even begin to imagine :(.

mama2dibs said...

Good night girl! He looks just like his daddy there. I looked at Noah's picture and thought, "That looks like a young Busch brother (Nascar)...oh yeah, I remember his daddy looking like Kyle Busch. He's definitely his daddy's little boy." What a good looking young man you have to your name. I know God will be blessed with how you raise that sweet son of yours.

Becoming Me said...

I will be praying for your friend and that is a promise. I know the pain of miscarriage.

Jessica said...

Funny-I've been craving oreos too.

I had a peek at your website & on Flikr--YOU are AMAZING.

I totally want to get maternity shots done now.

Thought you would like to know.

oh amanda said...

Praying for your friends!

melody is slurping life said...

My prayers for your friend.

And he looks so cool!

a wandering heart said...

I am praying for your friend.. I can only imagine the pain she is feeling right now.

My DD is getting more brave on the playground each time we go. It makes me proud and scares me at the same time.