Beth's family session


All I am doing right now is work work work. It's on my mind 100% of my awake time, and even my sleep time. I have so much to do. But, I admit I truly love it. How could I not? Look at the picture above . . . one of my favorites. It's worth every second of my time to make a portrait like that. It makes me happy because I make them happy. But it does consume me. I even had a dream last night about the studio that I so badly want.

Things I did yesterday (keeping in mind that Neil was gone traveling):

- Last night I finished designing some wedding invitations. I placed the order, too!
- Burn pics for Mr. H, Heather, and Carissa.

Things to still doo:

- Make slide show for Mrs. W (the kindergarten teacher at N's school) put to music. I decided on "Let Them Be Little" by Billy Dean (have you heard it? It's beautiful . . . you can see the video here ------> Let Them Be Little)
- finish proofing maternity session
- proof 1-week old newborn session
- proof session with Jen & Addison
- print 2 canvases
- order Deja's pictures
- order Kalina's pictures
- order Angie H's pictures
- do Chris's album
- do Holly's album
- do Caitlin's album
- start on re-designing logo for Noah's school
- meet with Mr. H about pictures for website and brochures
- prepare for my wedding "down south" on Saturday
- still need to book hotel for Friday night

I've slowly been finishing up my last maternity session with Beth and Rodrigo and their adorable son, Daniel. It's takes me forever, I'm coming across this more and more, to do any amount of proofing because I can't sit at my desk for longer than an hour at a time (which is actually good for my back). But because of this, I'm starting to see that I really do need an outside place to work because my mind can't be solely on my work for longer than that hour at a time. And it needs to be. I told Neil that my hopes are to have a place that I can go to and work and then be able to come home and just be a MOM (and his wife) with no other worries. I just want to play and have the best time doing so without anything hanging over my head.

So here's a few of those pictures . . . more are on flickr. (And if you go to flickr, please comment! The more comments I have the more chances I have to put my photos in groups that rank up there with some amazing photographers that I admire! So please please comment -- please!) But here's a couple faves. I'll be posting all kinda at my VWC blog, also.

..father & son..
..belly glow..

..oreo addiction..

I'm only half-way done! So many more fun ones to come. That's where you'll find me, at my computer for the next 2 days until . . . .until . . . I get another wonderful visit from . . . my dearest Alexis. Yes, she is coming to visit and we'll do our "thing" as though she was never gone . . . I can't wait . . . :):):)


Jennifer said...

i just love these pictures...not only do you take great(awesome, wonderful) pictures but so does your subjects...like something out of a magazine. I love the father son thing..they are so natual in those pictures..like they were meant to do this? Maybe they do? and of course mom is too cute to boot. I seen her on Cori's blog...lovely, lovely!

have fun with Alexis....5 games this week:9

Erin said...

Hope you get everything done without stressing yourself out! What adorable pictures. They are just absolutely amazing. LOVE the Oreo pictures. I was telling our friends about those pictures this weekend. They thought it was such a cute idea.

LiLi said...

Seriously, Val, the cravings pictures are awesome! They are so unique and so incredibly clever... and a good way to document what women were craving while preggo! Mine would have been chick fil a sandwiches and unsweetened iced tea! Plop a big ole CFA sandwich on my belly! Hahaha! I craved them in all three pregnancies! A cute one would be pizza... like the ice cream tease you did with Corie, a pizza tease would be too funny! Your work, as always, is a treasure and a treat for the eyes! I will comment on flickr when I get a chance, I wasn't signed in to do so right now.

a wandering heart said...

oooh... chic fil a lemonade here. And sherbert. mmmm.... And steak. Not all at the same time, though.

Great photos!

Alexis Jacobs said...

I love the oreo one. Too cute!

See you tomorrow!!! Whoo hooo!

oh amanda said...

Awesome, as usual, Val!