..Trail Mix..photography style..

There rarely seems to be a day where you don't find me looking like this:

. . . with a camera attached to me somewhere on my body.
So here's what I've been doing on those days . . .

* Alexis and I had the best time ever Thursday night. Robbies, drinks, push-up bras and Matt Damon . . . not much can get better than that! (She should have a post on this soon - she took pictures - I didn't!)

* My mom and dad closed on their new house a few weeks ago. It's such a perfect home for them. I have more pictures of it but am not sure if mom wants me to let you see it yet? But here is a cute pic of mom and the kids the day they closed on the house, sitting on the steps of the breezeway . . .
mom got the keys to the house on this day!
Congratulations, mom and dad! We're so happy for you!

* This weekend we help mom and dad move their furniture in! I'm sure someone will document it . . . me?

* My wedding was wonderful. We had a such a great time. Mom, Heather and I stayed at a $60 hotel which was quite entertaining doing so. The bride, my cousin, was beautiful! Everything about the day was just perfect. I'm so happy I was able to be such a large part of it.

* I'm exhausted from the wedding. Driving 7 hours, going to bed late, getting up early, being on my feet all day long and running around non-stop is tiring! Yesterday was the best Mother's Day ever because I slept all day and did absolutely nothing. Neil fixed me a wonderful steak dinner and the kids were good to me. It was great! I actually didn't pick up my camera once!

* Right now I'm drinking some coffee and wishing it were stronger because I just can't wake up. I have an espresso machine but don't know how to use it. Go figure. Still haven't picked up my camera today. After I post this, I will be, though. Time to proof some pics . . .

* Tomorrow, Tuesday, I have an all-day date with MATT DAMON! ;-) Camera will be literally attached to my hand!!
Okay, fine, I'm obsessed!

* Last weekend my great friend, Jen, and her daughter, Addison, visited from Mississippi. Here's a couple favorite pictures from their stay. There are tons more at flickr. This is Addison's set. You probably have to be registered to view them? There are 100 or so!

I call this one "Baby Dolls":
baby dolls

A very funny spontaneous moment I happened to catch!:

"Just Like Mommy":
first lipstick

* Last week was a beautiful week with temps in the 70's. The kids and I had some really fun afternoons. Here are a couple faves from the past week. As I've said before, many more at flickr (this is the May 2008 set- you may need to be registered to view them all since 2/3's of them are "private") and will continue to be all week. I hope to proof my newborn session this week, the session I did with Addison and also my wedding. So much going on!

big bubblebubblumination

* Happy Mother's Day to my friends and family who are moms. Even those who are moms to furry friends. We know how they become a part of our family just as if they were our own children. Hope your day was fantastic. We all deserve it. :c)
happy kitty thoughts


Jennifer said...

Oh WOW, you've been busy!! And these photos just blow me away! You're awesome at that!!
By the way take a few minutes to drop by I have something for you ;0)

Alexis Jacobs said...

Those pics are awesome! You have been a very busy girl. I can't wait to hear all about tomorrow. ::sniff sniff::

PS: I am working on the post for later today –– hopefully...

Erin said...

Okay what is this about an all day date with Matt Damon? Honey, what's going on? Are you really stalking him? : ) I'm so curious. Spill it! Lovely weekend and always lovely pictures!

Jennifer said...

val what great pictures.....love the lighting in these...love it...love it! I signed into flicker though and it won't let you view all of them... they kepp coming up private even with being signed in:(? would love to see more of the Addy ones...I just love the color...reminds me of old fashion pictures...your good!

Candi said...

Great photos--as always!!

Glad you had a relaxed Mother's Day--you deserve it!! My hubby and son made homemade donuts for me--YUM!! Do tell--what's the scoop on tomorrow??

oh amanda said...

Can't wait to hear about matt!

Love the "baby dolls" pic!

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

"There rarely seems to be a day where you don't find me looking like this:"
beautiful :)

sounds like Thursday night was great

lovely photo of your mum and kids

all the best fore the weekend

great bubble photos

Happy Mothers Day to your my friend


Louise said...

Sounds crazy busy!
LOVE LOVE LOVE those pictures I SOOO need to learn to use my camera properly..me and Erin have decided that you have to come out here and give us lessons and of course hang out and eat ketchup chips ;)

lil ole' me..... said...

Wow- you sure stay busy! :)
Love all the pictures!!!