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This shot is extra special because it's not only a part of Wordless Wednesday, but also a part of It's 4 The Kids, an organization that my friend, Michelle B. began. Michelle is an amazing writer and artist. She has an incredible gift of illustration. You can see some of her work here, here, and here is a book she is publishing called Macy-Sue LaRue.

Anyway, this is by no means a sales pitch for her, but a shout out to her for her artistic gifts that I really adore. And these gifts are going to gift so many, specifically sick children with cancer.

Michelle's inspiration for all this began with a total stranger . . . Julian . . . "King Julian" they call him. Julian was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma during this 3rd year of life and just a few months ago Julian earned his wings in Heaven at the age of 4-1/2. He fought hard. And it was Julian who inspired Michelle so much that she had people all over the world aware of the situation and praying for Julian. He was such a fighter and such a beautiful little boy. No child deserves to go through what he did. Instead of just watching these little people fight for their innocent lives, we must do something to help them. And we can! We can raise money to fight the fight against pediatric cancer. And because of Michelle, this is more possible than ever.

(Take time to read about Julian's fight here and his descent with wings here and here.)

At It's 4 The Kids, we can make a difference. Artists from all over are selling their artwork, either at a set price or as a donation. I am one of those selling the photo above. I don't have a price on it. It's purely a donation cost, and 75% of it will go towards It's 4 The Kids. Please donate. Please please please.

Here's a little about how 4 The Kids came about. I hope you check it out. I urge you to check it out. This organization is so strong on her heart, as it is mine. Because of Michelle's passion for Julian and all other children suffering, she has made a huge impact on people like myself. Please allow her to make an impact on you. Visit It's 4 The Kids. Let's make a difference.

If you are an artist and would like to donate artwork, please contact Michelle at It's 4 The Kids.


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

bless you Val
and Im excited because your featured on http://shuttersisters.com/home/
yahooo well done beautiful


it's me, Val said...

thank you jen!

i hope because i haven't received any comments that this doesn't mean people aren't checking it out . . . please people, take time to check it out . . . and while you're there, buy my print :c):c) . . . buy something! :)