Rain go away, I need good pictures!

I'm working on a wedding album, as I have been doing for probably the past 36 hours. As I work on a page, I have been putting some of the photos up on flickr. Flickr is my absolute fave if you haven't already figured that one out. I spend so much time there these a days. It's an addiction but at least it sticks with what I like to do most :c)

..smooch with a fish..

Since I haven't had a wedding for a few weeks, doing this album and playing with flickr is helping me in the inspiration department for tomorrow's wedding. I'm not looking forward to this wedding for several reasons.

Reasons why a wedding doesn't sound enticing to me:

I'm so behind already with proofing that this wedding will put me another week behind. But such is life for photographers during a busy season which shouldn't be surprising to myself, but I just thought I'd tell ya'll. I don't think people realize how much time we (digital photographers) put in on proofing.

If you haven't already heard, we've had a tremendous amount of rain lately. Tuesday we got 6 inches of rain in just 24 hours (and LOTS of flooding). Ever since then we've had smaller amounts of rain. Today we are expecting more and tomorrow even more. Rain isn't the best combination with a bride, groom, photographer and cameras. But, I can't do too much about mother nature, so if the rain decides to pour, I'll have to put on my creative thinking cap (and my umbrella up), I suppose. I just hate not getting outdoor shots, and this wedding tomorrow potentially could have them, if it doesn't rain.

My usual assistant will be gone :( So I will be shooting solo. Guess who gets to help me? My darling wonderful not-so-good-with-the-camera husband. He'll admit he doesn't like to assist me. But at the same time, at least it's someone. He's good at fetching drinks for me but not so good at fluffing dresses. Ah well. Once we get to reception, hopefully we'll be dry and can let down our hair a bit (not him, me, hehe). I look forward to that part. (And my parents are keeping the kids!)

Oh man. Yep, the rain has begun yet again. We have had SO much rain. The poor farmers. My poor dad, my poor uncle. My poor mom and dad. They're selling their house, as some of you know, and when the rain came through Illinois, it also swept through to their basement. The carpet is ruined and so they are taking the house off the market until they have it replaced and taken care of. When their power goes out, the sump pump stops, and then havoc breaks loose. Not good. The exact reason why they wanted to move to begin with. I told mom this is just reinforcing the fact that their decision was a smart one to move.

Happy rainy weekend!


Erin said...

Well I hope you have good luck in figuring something out for the wedding...or no rain (fingers crossed for you). And Go Neil Go! Happy weekend to you, my dear.

melody is slurping life said...

Praying for the rain to subside and the shoot to go smoothly.

And thanks for all your uplifting comments at my place, always. You're the best.

I adore this photo.

Louise said...

Hope it clears up!!
Love the picture!