Oklahoma, Oklahoma! (part II}

Our trip in the RV was a blast and we're thankful for Papa and Grandma to let us tag-along. Who knew riding in a motor home could be this much fun?! It really was. And going to Oklahoma was so great, too. Seeing Brad and Chel's new awesome home and exploring downtown Norman with trendy little shops right down Val's alley; that was so great, too. But spending the time that we did with everyone was probably the best of all.

{ sorry for all the messiness of this post! It didn't turn out how I wanted it to and now I've played with it so much and still can't get it right, I'm giving up. So I hope you don't go crazy for the craziness! }

Here's some trail mix from the weekend:

The girls. Are they not two of the cutest 2-yr olds ever?! I don't think you even have to be biased to think that! :) And the camera shirt. Yes, adorable, eh? I love it and could not pass it by for either of my children. (I wish they had them for big girls like me!)

There was something about the RV that made us all fall asleep at one point or another. Adi especially took well to it.

You'd find Ash with a book in her lap almost the entire time. This one, I can't remember what it's called. It's being made into a movie, Twilight, or something like that. She read the entire thing on the trip and then half of the book from the next series. I think it's incredibly awesome how she likes to read like she does. She was born reading. I hope my kids have acquired this trait :)

At one point, the kids were all being very good, Ash was reading, and it was quiet. The lighting was perfect, so I just started taking some random pictures, most of which you saw in my last post, like this one. My best self-portrait picture ever -- ha.

There are TV's built into the RV but for some reason they weren't working for us. But Neil came to the rescue bringing our portable DVD player "just in case". Soooo glad he did. The kids watched quite a bit of movies (thanks to the $1 DVD's from the library!) on our total 24 hour's of driving. Have you seen Night At The Museum? That's one we rented in which Noah loved. He watched it over and over and over.

Chel and Maia had quite a bit of togetherness which was awesome. Maia loves Aunt Chel so much. What was so sweet was hearing Noah or Maia say "Uncle Brad . . ." or "Aunt Chel . . .". I had never heard either of them say it before.

Sweet little Adi. I had a realization that with Ella, when she was the age that Adi is now, it was hard for me to really enjoy her because I had Maia at the same age, who I had to tend to all the time. She nursed and was literally always attached to me. So having two independent children now makes my time with Adi really special. She has stolen my heart.

Maia and Adi have some special bond, too. Maia has a motherly instinct in her that has drawn her to Adi, wanting to take care of her like she's her own little baby doll. I think Adi was really drawn to Maia, too. The two of them had so much fun all weekend long.

One toy that came in extra handy was one of those magnetic write-on boards. We'd draw pictures and have the kids guess what it was or else tell them to name something for us to draw. Aunt Chel was especially good at this. Who knew that the kids would attend school while on the RV? :) (Adi wasn't so interested!)

During a "school session" I was able to get this picture. It's not the best because of the light thrown in Noah's face and Adi isn't paying attention, but it's still one of those memories you're just glad to have and it'll probably still go up on my wall. I just adore it.

We had lots and lots and lots of giggle sessions going on with Noah, Ella and Maia. :)

Adi sitting with me. She loved my camera strap. I think she will be the next Nikon girl in the family :)

Okay, yeah, we got a little bored so Chel french-braided my hair. I only look like I'm 12, right? It was still fun :)

After 12 hours, we finally approach Norman, Oklahoma!!! The kids were really excited, especially Ella. She kept telling us about her "new house" which we couldn't wait to see.

Through the windows of the RV --- 2040, there it is!!!

The kids were SO excited to be out of the RV, they couldn't stop doing "Ring Around the Rosie" as their celebration dance!

Uncle Neil and his newest beautiful niece. Brad and Neil drove their SUV home from Illinois to OK. They got 10 hours of peaceful togetherness and I think they really enjoyed it. They actually didn't beat us by too much. We thought we'd be hours behind them. Bill and the RV pulled through for us! :)

We shot a family picture, something we seem to do every summer when we're all together. It's not completely in focus, but I still think it's quite lovely -- all the kids are looking!!

Then us big girls (Martha, Ash, Chel and myself) all went shopping downtown Norman. Loved it! It's so cute and had so many quaint adorable boutiques. I found an awesome velour vintage-looking pillow/ottoman in a store, Antique Garden, that reminded me very much of Anthropologie. I'm going to use it as a prop. Can't wait to use it, too! But for lunch we stopped at a fun, cute, very yummy cafe called "Cafe Plaid". This sign was posted at the ordering counter. It was so funny that I had to take a picture. The girl behind the counter thought it was funny that I shot that. She said that many people actually believe the sign and their reaction is "reeeeeally??" (Ha! Great thinking, Cafe Plaid!) (If you can't read it, click on it and the photo will enlarge.)

Martha shot this being-silly picture of Ash, Chel and I at an old tele-booth downtown.

Part of beautiful OU campus where Brad works. It's a really pretty campus. Go Sooners!!!

We came home to this mess. The kids had a good time obviously :) (I wonder if it was a good time for the boys, too, who were left to watch them?)

Unfortunately it is time to go. Maia and Ella say their goodbyes and again we're off. We drive that evening to Joplin, MO making us 4 hours closer to home.

It's funny how in just 60 hours, and 24 hours of driving, you can have so much fun. Spontaneity is awesome. Family is even more awesome. Thank you, all, for such a great mini-vacation. Love each one of you so much!

And Brad and Chel, welcome to your new beautiful home. We loved it. How proud of you all we are. Miss you already from us in Illinois.


Johanna said...

awww... great pictures!!! Welcome home Michelle and Brad! Glad you all had so much fun! It sounds like such a great time!

Michelle said...

So fun! We all had so much fun! Thank you for the great time too! Thank you for coming out to visit!

Love you lots and miss you tons!!!

Erin said...

Looks like so much fun!!! Spontaneity really is great : )

Louise said...

Great photo story!!
Love the pics. Isn't family wonderful?! What a blessing!
Glad you had a blast!!

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

what a neat time and trip
LOVED looking at the photos


Anonymous said...

I love RV'ing! You're soooo lucky!

Alexis Jacobs said...

Looks like a fun trip! Sometimes those last minute road trips are the best.

Anonymous said...

Love those pictures!!

Chel said...

"Aunt Chel" is one of my favorite phrases. :) Of course, my friend, Mandy's little girl is learning to call me Chel The Great, which is what I'm gonna be called when my kids have kids. No 'granma' for me... I'm gonna be Chel The Great!

lil ole' me..... said...

Looks like y'all had a great trip.
I just love Maia's camera tee!!!

Anonymous said...

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