{Forgive me. . . }

. . .for not being around. I have quite a few things ailing me. Figuring out a couple things (just yesterday we found out two) and still awaiting the other (next Thursday). Nothing to be worried about. Believe me, I'm relieved that I finally know what's partly wrong with me. I was so so so so worried. I know worrying doesn't get any of us anywhere, but it's really hard not to worry when you have a family that you still have to take care of. I was so exhausted and wasn't managing that well.

What I have made time for is my photography because, as I told some friends, it's really one of the only things that brings me comfort and joy, other than my family of course. I have found some great photography support in the flickr community, so I spend a lot of time there just looking for inspiration to improve my own work. Here's a recent fave of mine, which has also been a fave of my flickr-ites:

We'd never know how high we are . . .

Before I started not feeling so well, I did have a couple sorta big accomplishments. I saw that my 2nd billboard was up (!) which was discovered as Neil, myself and the kids were driving back from my cousin's wedding (which myself and my friend, Patty, photographed) in southern Illinois. I wasn't paying attention and Neil said "is that yours?" really calmly. And so I look up and uncalmly I shrieked, "YES!! Turn around!!!" So he turned around and I got out on the highway so I could take a picture. He was a little embarrassed by me, but hey, nothing new with Val :c)

So the wedding went fantastic-o. I still have not proofed them because I was busy finishing up some other sessions (of some cute adorable little people which you can see some of here), and then I started feeling crummy. But I'm hoping to begin working tonight on that wedding. Finally.

And then last weekend was Heather's bridal shower which my mom and I threw for her. It was a huge success in every way. We all had a blast. Afterwards mom and I packed up some of our stuff and went to Heather's for the evening alone, just the girls, watching movies and snacking on the leftovers from the shower :)

Speaking of Heather, she and Lee closed on their house yesterday, the one which I showed you all a little while back in this post. Soooo exciting for them. Their first home for both of them! Congrats you guys!

I feel like I've lost a lot of bloggy readers and that makes me sad, but I totally understand. I just don't have time for it as much as I want to have time for it. I haven't had time (or energy) to blog and haven't had time (or energy) to read the words of my dear blogging friends. Please forgive me on this, too. One day I will be back full-swing.

I leave you with this:

You are built to pull a cart,
to lift a heavy load and bear it,
to haul up the long slope,
and so
am I, peasant bodies, earthy, solid
shapely dark glazed clay pots that can
stand on the fire.

—Marge Piercy

Where flowers bloom, so does hope..


Louise said...

Hey I am still here and I always will be ;) Your work is truly an inspiration to me and you are blessed to have such a wonderful gift!!
Hugs to you my friend!!!

Alexis Jacobs said...

It's hard to give our worries to God. Just remember that you have friends to help you through those worries. ((hugs))

PS: You need to help me get uploaded into flicker. It confuses me.

Johanna said...

GIRL!! Now I am worried about you!! I'm here for you if you need me.

Anonymous said...

glad you're getting some answers on what's going on & that it's nothing *big* (((hugs))) glad to that you're finding solace in your photography - can understand that having just rediscovered the soothing powers it can have!

Deborah said...

glad to see you back - I've missed your posts :)

Erin said...

I'm glad you are feeling more relieved about everything. EMAIL ME!!! I'm home : )

Jennifer said...

I'm still here.
I hope you're feeling all batter soon!!

Michelle said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better these days! Love you lots!

lil ole' me..... said...

Val, not sure what is going on, but I'm thinking about you!
Hope today is a much better day!
Lots of love!!!

lil ole' me..... said...

Oh, and where is the second billboard?!?!
So exciting!

Anonymous said...

Don't you love flickr...I have my blog, flickr, twitter...something always suffers..maybe I should quit my job? Hmmmm...

oh amanda said...

(((hugs))) for Val. I'm here!!

mama2dibs said...

You've not lost me...that's for sure. I haven't been around for awhile, but that's because I've been busy and I saved my favorite blogs for last (yours and Alexis) to catch up on. Smile...you're too irresistible to leave behind! :D