Welcome Marin...and welcome SPRING!

Last week our friends, Jason and Johanna were in town visiting family and friends, so we had he honor of finally meeting baby Marin and I had the GREAT honor of photographing her. She is completely lovely in every way...so beautiful and perfect. While Marin was no completely comfortable with Neil, Neil seemed to be quite comfortable with her. I think he's ready to become a daddy again :)

I also think Maia is ready to become a big sister. With the help of Debbie, she did pretty well holding little Marin :)

This is one of my favorites of Marin. She's sporting the 1970's look with Johanna's baby bonnet. You can see more at my VWC blog: http://www.vwcphotography.typepad.com

Jas and Jo, it was so great seeing you guys...together as a "family". What amazing parents you are! And Jo, you look so fabulous. Love ya lots!!

The biggest news in our house is Noah's latest achievement. He learned to ride his bike without training wheels!! It was such an exciting day for him. I have never seen so many smiles on his face in one day.

And to welcome in spring....a favorite shot in March:

I think it's finally spring, guys!! Yay!! I'm soooo ready to get into my garden!


Aimée said...

Yay!! I am glad you are back! Your blogging buddies missed you!!!

Alexis Jacobs said...

Maia will be a great big sister. Wow, it seems weird to type Maia and big sister in the same sentence.

WTG Noah!!! And yes, welcome spring. :)

Erin said...

Beautiful pictures :)

WAY TO GO Noah!!! So proud of you :)

And Maia looks ADORABLE holding Marin. Wow, does it make her seem more grown up!!

Anonymous said...

Another step to big boyhood for Noah! Tell him congrats for us. Maia looks like she is going to love being a big sister. Let me know next time Neil is going out of town, me and chloe and her bike could come for a visit, it's been waaay toooo long since we've seen you guys!!!!!