{ We have a little puzzle and it's calling your names! }

It's been a crazy past month but after finding out the news that we are onto the next part of the adoption process (~insert lots of happy faces here!!~) we are very ready to take the puzzle a bit more seriously.  So, the kids and I brought it back out, adding the new names we have received over the past few days (thank you, friends!), and today, we started putting more of the puzzle together.  

Noah was my helper and today we got a huge amount of the puzzle done.  I think we are about a third to halfway through constructing it.  (Yay!)  It's really fun putting it together and even more fun writing down all the names.  It really makes me smile when I get to put the pens to work!  It's like a permanent way of preserving the "village" that helped bring baby girl home.  It's honestly, so fulfilling see the puzzle come together.   I truly love this project!

Here's a glimpse into how the last few days have went as we put your names and the puzzle pieces together... 

Once the puzzle started growing we had to transfer it to a big piece of foam core.  Now, there aren't names on all of these pieces (yet!), but I thought it would be nice to keep each family together, so as we construct, and as we receive more names, we are turning a section of the puzzle over and writing in the names.  
These pieces here need your names on them!
Kate is one of Maia's best friends.  She was so excited to add her name!

I really hope I haven't left anyone off who should be on.  Please let me know if so and I'll add you asap!

 We would really, really, really love to add every single one of you who are reading this blog (and my Facebook) to the puzzle because you all mean so much to us. You really do.  I absolutely cannot wait to see every single piece (500 in total!) filled with your names! We even have a special place already ready in the girls' room to hang the puzzle. We would LOVE to complete it sooner than later.  In hindsight, we could be traveling anytime within the next month to two months!  With the holidays, 4-8 weeks is honestly, nothing.  I know it will fly by.  Please occupy our time by making us finish this puzzle and most importantly, help us go to Ethiopia and bring our baby girl home.  We are SO close now.  Eeee!!  This is so exciting! xoxo

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