Farmers = Amazing

This is grandpa in the field back in the 80's.

Farming has always been the center of my family's world. My grandpa farmed almost from the day he was born. His daddy was a farmer, he learned how to farm from him, and once he started his own family, he continued working hard as a farmer. It was his life. And it became my dad and uncle's life, too.

Dad farmed for 18 years and my uncle still does. (Dad had to give up farming when I was almost 16.) Grandpa, to this day, always helped my uncle Jerry even though he didn't do nearly as much as he use to. He wouldn't give it up until a health condition forced him to.

Farming has always been a big center of my life as well. And because of that, I have always really admired farmers by how determined, strong and hard-working they are. They have to be. It takes special men to be farmers.

Two days ago, while out at my grandpa's house, my uncle got a phone call from some farmer friends of his. They called to tell him that they wanted to help him harvest the rest of his crops. He still had 700 acres of beans and a little bit of corn needed to get out. Time was few and far for him with all the doings for grandpa. There was not time. Plus he wasn't really sure how he was going to do it without grandpa by his side.

What an amazing moment, to hear Jerry say that these wonderful men wanted to do this for him. This, once again, proved to us how amazing farmers are. Jerry felt like a failure not being able to get it harvested by himself, but we all explained to him that this is just what farmers do. "Let them help", we said. So he agreed. Farmers are the most hard-working people I have ever seen in my life, but also some of the most compassionate.

So yesterday, fifeteen (not one or two), but fifeteen farmers, plus my father and uncle, were out all day trying to get all the harvesting done. Just picture all these men out in the fields with dozens of machinery - combines, plows, wagons, grain trucks and tractors. What a beautiful pictures. It is just so bittersweet, but extraordinary. It says so much to me about the love, friendship, compassion and will that farmers have. I always knew it, but it is just really powerful to see it again and have that thought reinforced, and to see it as such an honor to my grandpa. He would be tickled to death.

Grandpa with his daddy (sitting on his lap) and brother, Dale

Grandpa with his first grain truck in 1952.

Thanks to all the farmers out there. You are the foundation of my life, and of the world. You are amazing.

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