There's probably a lot more that you don't know about me. Here are some me facts:

* I love to eat ketchup, so much that I have a ketchup collection of over 50 bottles from all around the country/world, and they sit on a handmade shelf made especially for my bottles (can you say GEEK?!)
* I am left-handed. So is Neil. But our son is right-handed. Scientific discovery: "handed-ness" is way more complex than just dominant/recessive genes.
* I have naturally curly hair.
* I like "different".
* I grew up on a farm. Spent the first 16 years of my life there.
* I know 3 people born on the same day as I, all 3 in Decatur, and 2 were in the same hospital. We were nursery roommates. Craziness! (But that also may indicate that Decatur really isn't all that big.)
* I am very sentimental.
* I am also very emotional.
* I broke my tailbone in 1991 while playing softball, running into home base. (I still don't know if I was safe or out?)
* I've not traveled many places but I have been to Hawaii and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! (2 of the longest plane rides EVER.)
* I am still very close to some friends that I met in kindergarten. (Five, actually.)
* I've always been very introverted, but I've been working on coming out of my secret shell. Slowly but surely I'm emerging. Finally learning to stand up for myself and others.
* I was diagnosed in college with panic-anxiety disorder.
* I have a strong desire to adopt.
* I went through 31 hours of labor with my daughter. Still ended in repeat c-section!
* I hope to one day own a photography studio.
* I wish to one day live somewhere not in Macon county.
* I want to have horses one day. (Neil grew up with them, and I spent a few years helping take care of our neighbor's horses on the farm.)
* I have been pregnant 5 times.
* My best friend is in the military and has served in Kuwait.
* I love flip flops.
* I try to be organized but I am incapable. I'm not kidding.
* I love lists.
* I really like sushi.
* I am a magazine phene. I love to buy them but I hardly ever read them. Same with books.
* I can't sing.
* I love coffee and can say that I am an addict of caffeine. (I think 3-5 cups of coffee a day qualifies.)
* I love good wines.
* I spend way too much time on the internet.
* I love old vintage things (or vintage-inspired), whether it be old baby dresses, pottery, decorations, or jewelry.
* I keep a diary still.
* My first job was Burger King. And today I actually like their food.
* I love to send hand-written letters and cards.
* I love the country but desire the city. A real city.
* I nursed Noah for 5 months; Maia for a year. And I'm very proud of it.
* I use to do yoga all the time and since having children, have slacked. I hope to get back into it soon.
* I was Vice-President of my senior class.
* I went to SIU Carbondale to school and graduated in graphic design.
* I didn't like my major.
* I worked for 2 years as a florist. I love love love flowers.
* I began working on the farm at the age of 8.
* I lived with 2 boys in college. Yes, Val did that. And yes, Neil didn't care.
* I would rather have an old house with character than a new cookie-cutter house without it.
* I have the best hubby and children in the world. I am so blessed!
* Oh, and I like to take pictures. I bet you didn't know that?!

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amanda said...

Actually reading ALL about you! Thanks for stopping by my blog (party!). Let's see, I think we might be friends: vintage, hand-written letters, nursing, yoga, a real city! Me, too! Me, too! Look forward to reading more...I mean, getting to know you.