The story behind Purple Valley

First of all, I decided to make my way to another blog place because now that I have my work blog here, I tend to be here a lot, and I've grown really accustomed to it. Currently I'm at yahoo, and while I will probably keep posting some there, I thought I'd start up a new one here.

So why Purple Valley?

Back in high school when Neil and I first started dating (yes, we are high school sweet hearts...how lame-o, huh?), a dear friend of mine, Katie, gave Neil a code name. It was 1993 and we were standing in Kalina's kitchen. (Why were we in Kalina's kitchen, I'm not sure, but I remember that was the place.) Patrick (Kalina's boyfriend at the time) got the code name "Santa" (long story...) and Neil got the code name "Purple". Purple because he is tall & skinny with a long neck like a giraffe. And what do giraffe's have? Purple tongues. So from that day on, we referred to Neil as "Purple". And Katie referred to the two of us together as "Purple Valley". Simple as that. Cute and crazy...just like us. Well, ok, maybe not cute, but definitely crazy. *smile*

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Anonymous said...

Valley, you are a peach to remember that! Such fun and definitely crazy times that we've shared! :) K