I love posting. It's just way too fun. I thought getting a laptop would be a good idea so I can work during the day and not have to be downstairs on my desktop, and look where this gets me. Online playing. Bad Val. But posting does only take a couple minutes where as actually working takes hours. Having hours during the day with kids never happens. Ok, once in a blue moon. But as you know, blue moons are very rare.

I never ever thought I would turn into my mom. But I think I am. I am at least doing and saying "mom things". It's kinda weird. When you are 10 you always think to yourself, "why does my mom say those things?" or, "I will never act like that with my own kids". Well, truth be told, look at your mom and how she raised you. You will do the same thing. *smile*

I caught myself yesterday saying something & wondering if I had turned into my mother.

Noah and Maia were playing. Well, Maia was. Noah was sitting on the couch trying to watch cartoons. Maia wanted to play and so she was standing next to the couch reaching for him. Noah kept yelling "No, Maia, STOP IT!", and I then repeated to him a half dozen times, "Noah, she is not hurting you."

I recall my mom saying this to us all the time. I wonder what will come out of my mouth next? I try really hard not to say mom things like this, but it's not working, so I'll start concentrating on things that I can actually succeed in. *smile*

Here we are (like mother, like daughter, like daughter!) downtown Chicago at the end of July. (And with my oogly tinted old-person glasses. Yes, I know. I am admitting to being old by saying that. *smile*)

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