Spooktacular Mantle

So I'm cheesey and love to decorate all Halloween-y. I didn't use to like Halloween so much. I actually despised it when I was young. Now things have changed having had 2 babies in October. I love it. And this year I went a little overboard. But that was in lieu of the big birthday bash on the 21st. Gotta be fabulous!

So we painted the living room again. It's been 5 years. We were tired of yellow. So we picked a nice warm gray-blue color. We love it. It just makes the room seem and feel so much cozier. So we are trying to revamp the room now that there is nothing on the walls. We moved the furniture around and bought a new great big mirror to go above the fireplace. I wanted to show it off. Here ya go.

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Alexis said...

Great pics! I love how you have decorated and the mirror looks awesome!