Our 2-day must needed getaway

We had a big birthday week in our house. Neil's, Noah's and Maia's all in 1 week. This is Neil's sister with Maia the night they came over to bring the kids their birthday goodies.

Uncle Brad, Aunt Chel and Cuz Ella sent Noah and Maia a surprise birthday package. Here they are, sporting their jammies and all, the morning they received the package.

After a week of birthday gifts and parties, a family death and lots of wee hours of the morning working hard, we decided to get away to Indy. It was the weekend away that we really needed. Everything about it was honestly perfectly wonderful. Alexis ask that I update, so here it goes.

Here is the lowdown: The drive was peaceful (not too much screaming), we made it to our hotel with ease, we stayed at the Omni, a place I really recommend (!), the Children's Museum was crowded but the kiddos loved it, especially Noah, who was in awe of everything but the dinosaurs, (he said "the dine-sars scares me"), the restaurants were very good, we had the swimming pool all to ourselves (Noah "swam" the best he has yet), we literally ran into Troy Aikman in the elevator (he held the door for us - he was staying in our hotel as the Colts were playing the day after and the Fox tent would be set up right outside. My friend, Troy, is an anchorman for Fox. And is a big guy with gigantic hands, oh my!), we rented our first movie in over a year and fell asleep halfway through (reinforcing why we don't rent anymore, but it was really fun just renting something that is not animated!), Starbucks was in our hotel, so I was set for any coffee cravings, we got to shop on Sunday and I found some "finds" (surprise, surprise!), on the drive home the kids slept 2 hours making it (unusually) quite peaceful. That may have been the best birthday present of all for daddy. (Plus the fact that I fell asleep, too...hehe...Neil, quietness, & espn radio for 2 hours...pure luxury for him!)

They had a special exhibit of "glass". This is the glass tower that weighed 40,000 lbs. Quite beautiful it was.

This is the exhibit of glass looking up on it from down below. The kids were even in awe of this.

Daddy & Maia under the pretty exhibit.

They had a 5 and under area which Noah looooved. The water area was his favorite.

And there was even an area for Missy's age.

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Alexis said...

Looks like an awesome time! And a much needed trip for you guys. I am glad you got away.