Denim denim denim denim

Alexis will think I'm even crazier after I post this. Well, maybe not. She already knows that I am pretty darn loopty-loo and I believe she already knows about this obsession: I love designer jeans. Yup, I said it, I am willing to fork out $150 for a pair of jeans that fit me well.

Why do I do this? Well for 3 reasons. One reason is, they fit my no-butt very well. I never found a pair of jeans that fit my no-waist and no-butt well until I dove my legs into a pair of AG jeans. Second reason is, I wear jeans almost daily. Why not spend a lot of money on a pair of jeans that fit well, look nice and can be worn a million times and still look great? (That is my theory.) And third reason is just that - they look awesome. I love jeans.

I know that so many people these days are spending $200-300 on a pair. I think that's a bit crazy unless you have the money to spend that on them, and then I say, why not? You only live once. But, I rolled my eyes when I got an email about designer jeans for babies and toddlers. $100-150 on a pair of these for a baby?! Insane. When I buy them for myself, I have in the back of my head that I will wear the jeans for years. With a baby or toddler, you are getting use out of them for a couple months, maybe a year? Here is an example of them.

While I definitely wouldn't mind making my son or daughter look superb in a pair of paper & denim jeans, I think I will still stick to the Baby Gap ones that I adore, and right now they are on sale for $17.99. You can't beat that and still look incredibly cute.

I ran across some interesting blogs on similar denim subjects here and here.

Here is a fun jean blog and here is a denim store. (Do people not have anything better to talk about or do? Oh wait, I'm one of them.)

And to end, this is the best site I have yet to find. It will ask you some questions and find you the perfect pair of jeans. And it works, too.

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Alexis Jacobs said...

I can't even bring myself to buy a pair of Lucky Brand jeans that I am dying for. You and my brother are one in the same LOL I love ya anyways.