V Dub

I love Volkswagsons. I always have. I think we all have a little love in our hearts for Volkswagons just because they are from our parents' era. One or both of our parents probably owned one, or at least could tell stories of packing as many people as possible into them like sardines (dad!) or it being their first car when they got married, and so on. It's an icon. Regardless, I just really love'm. They are cute and different. And cute and different is me (hehe). What I think really started it all, though, was when my good friend's (Kalina's) dad started calling me "V Dub". My first and last initial were "VW". I kind of liked it. And so it stuck.

Old VW ad

I never could afford a VW. But when Neil and I got married in '99, I had to get rid of my Ford Escort. I was working at the time as the Office Manager at Bed, Bath and Beyond and a girl I was working with was driving (and selling) a VW Cabrio. We honestly really probably couldn't afford it, but not long after I begged and pleaded to Neil that I could make my own payments, it was actually all mine. It was a hunter green 96 Volkswagon Cabrio convertible. It was fabulous. And I was so proud.

So I had that car until September of 2003 when we finally (and almost too late) decided we couldn't fit a car seat in the back. (I was a whole lot pregnant and about to pop within a couple weeks. EEK.) It was one of the saddest days. Not really. But then again, yes it was. I loved that car. It was good to me. And we had so many fun memories in it. But it was time to move on to a bigger one (which I do love - Volkswagons rule! - but I miss my little green machine).

This is the VW I really want. It's in lieu of the 100 millionth VW. Bling, bling, Baby!

Why am I even posting about this? Well because this evening I typed in "VWCP" into the search engine of Firefox, meaning to type in "VWC Photography", to see what came up. When I hit 'enter' a web page called this came up: VWCP.org It is the "Official Website of the VW Club of the Philippines". How hilarious!! So I found myself reading it and discovering that it wasn't about new VW's but VW Beetles of the 60's and 70's! Anyway, I just thought it was funny. Probably only interesting and funny to myself, only because little silly things like that thrill me, but I thought I would share anyway.

VW tv commercial


Alexis Jacobs said...

And you call me a geek??

Val said...

I *knew* you would say that :)

LiLi said...

I miss my little red cabriolet, leaks and all!!! That car was so much fun!!! (Even if I did get pulled by the cops a lot.) I remember your cabrio, it was perfect for you and your personality! When I saw it, I secretly longed to have my Cabriolet back!!! I'll never give up on getting another one!