Discovering my past

While going through hundreds of boxes at my grandparents, I have discovered so many pieces of my past. I complain that my grandmother kept everything, but I continously see that I am just walking in her shoes. I keep almost everything, too. I'm not nearly as bad as I use to be, but it's still hard for me to part with things that I've had a connection with. My grandma was the same way. Grandpa, too.

Just over the weekend I ran across some really awesome pieces of my grandparents' past. Here are just a few . . .

This is the inside cover of my grandpa's baby book. Here written is my grandpa's handwriting at a young age.

These are pictures of my grandma and grandpa when first married. Laying on the table is their wedding book. I have loved looking through these things . . .seeing who was at their wedding . . .looking at everyone's handwriting . . .all just pretty remarkable to see after 50+ years.

My grandparents' marriage certificate.

These glasses were in a box that contained items of my grandma's father's. I think these glasses were his father's or mother's. Unreal!

This picture may be hard to see. But this is a Bible that my great-grandfather Pope gave to his mother as a gift. Inside she has written births, mariages and deaths of people. I also found dozens of clippings and notes tucked into the pages.

This is a bowl that I believe sat on my great-grandpa's dresser. In it I found buttons, Japanese coins, American coins (one dated back to 1907!), and a locket. The locket was worn by my great-grandma, and the pictures are of her husband, my grandpa Pope, and of my grandma as a young woman.)

I look foward to discovering even more over the next few weeks! I am thankful for getting to have this experience and thankful that my grandparents (over the generations) left pieces of their lives . . . my past.

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