Feeling hopeful

Will I jinx myself if I tell you that I have some hope this evening?? I went home early afternoon and still no power. But we went back home this evening and we saw two power trucks on our street!! It was dark out and they were still working hard. I pulled the car up next to one truck and I asked the guy if he could tell me where they were working next. He pointed and said "we're suppose to be over there". I said, "that one-story brick house?" and he said "yeah!". I said "Oh thank you! That's my house! I love you!". As corny as that sounds, yes, I told a complete stranger that I love him. But I really do. He was part of a power company from Kansas City, MO. I seriously think I might send their company a thank-you note.

Our neighbors, Randy and Vickie, were suppose to call us when/if the power got hooked up. They called this evening, but with bad news. The crew didn't get to ours. But this means we're at the top of the list now. And maybe for tomorrow! I'm starting to feel a great deal of hope!!

I have to say, it is AMAZING the outpouring of help we have had here in town and all over the state. We've had crews from 16 states and Canada come in to help bring power back to the people and they are working 17-hour days for it to happen. They are risking their lives to get us back to our normal day-to-day lives that we take for granted. Bless them!! And never again will I take the gift of artificial light, a warm bed or a warm house for granted!

We found out that there are 2600 houses in our zip code and as of this morning, 1800 of them were still without power. Absolutely incredible after 8 days. Tomorrow we're going on 9 days. Surely tomorrow will be the day. Neil and I were just talking this evening that this past week we will never ever forget. What a long 8 days it's been.

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