What we've been doing

playing in the closet until Noah shuts me in and makes me scared

taking lots of showers

hiding in the curtains

doing lots of puzzles

playing on the bed

using up an entire Scooby-Do box of band-aids

visiting grandma & grandpa for dinner - it was yummy and grandpa was entertaining

walking around "talking" on the phone

stuffing pacifiers in daddy's mouth

destroying the kleenex box - best entertainment ever!

doing lots of looking out our window

drawing . . . (my future artiste!)

wearing sissy's leg warmers

and doing lots and lots of standing around

P.S. And still no power.

The electrician came yesterday, fixed the problem, and now the electric company has put us on a waiting list. AT THE BOTTOM! Probably won't be today. Maybe tomorrow. Please let it be tomorrow.


Anissa said...

Adorable kids, adorable pictures. Glad to hear that you will be home soon.

Jen said...

Love the pics. The curtain pic is a hoot. Hope you return home soon. Keep warm.

SuperMom said...

Love the series of pics-- so cute!

Hope you're home SOON.

Michelle said...

Adorable pics! Glad you found some creative ways to pass the time.

Hope you get home soon!

Corie said...

I know y'all are ready to go home, but looks like you are having fun in the temporary apt!

What cute pictures!!!!

I hope it is tomorrow for you too!

Alexis Jacobs said...

Boy the kleenex pics look familiar. :-) Hope tomorrow is the big day!