Me, and inspiration?

No way. I guess so, though. I've now inspired 3 people - three - to write a blog. I am also just learning about all the people who read regularly who have never told me. I guess I better not give up now? Hopefully I can keep inspiring people to write. What an inspiration it is to be and inspiration.

Blogging - wow - it's such an excellent (and easy and fun!) way of keeping up with people. You can read when you want to, no one is disappointed if you don't, and there's no way of deleting an email with information because the blog is always out there in the internet world. Keep'em comin' girls!

One of my bestest girlfriend's has a new blog. Jennifer Jayne is her name! See her in "my friends" or linked to this post. You won't believe how gorgeous her sweet Addison is! Jen, I miss you sooooo much. Come back . . . please?

By the way, just an update. Yes, we are still without power. Going on day #3!

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