Making changes

I am one person who always has to have change. I've always been like that. When we lived on the farm growing up, I remember "changing around my room" (i.e. moving furniture around to create a new look and feel) all the time. Even now I am like that. Our neighbor, Vickie, just came into our house a few days ago and she said "something seems different. Did you change things around?". She was right. We did. I think people say this to me every time they enter our house. If it's not the furniture, it's a new wall color (yes, I love to paint walls!). I think all this is one reason why I always wanted to be an interior decorator. (Did you know I even changed my major for a week from graphic design to interior decorating and back to graphic design? Going back just because I realized I had to take some architecture classes which I had no interest in doing. What a pain it was to switch it back, too. And look at me now, not in interior design or graphic design!) Anyway, what I am getting at is, you probably already noticed that my blog is completely different. I decided I just wanted to change some template things. (Yeah, right.) I wasn't even going to change the entire format and look, but once I got started, I went a little crazy. Anyway, everything here is basically still the same, just threw in some different colors, but it's still me.


Michelle said...

Wow! You threw me off for a minute! Love the change!:)

Alexis Jacobs said...

Love the new look!