My Babes' Words

Warning: brag session!

I haven't gabbed about my kids for a while. They deserve some recognition in a post because lately all I have heard outa them are the cutest things (you know the cliches, "out of babes mouths" and "kids say the darnest things"). Even Maia is talking. She is catching on really fast and I think it's because she has Noah to mimic. It was a long time still before he started really talking with words we understood. Here's some of her new vocabulary. They make her cuter than what she already was - of course, again, I'm totally biased.

Maia likes to say:
"hi" or "hi, hi, hi"
"this" and points
"ah" which means "Noah"
"mah" which means "more"
"dadda" or "daddy" (sounds like "dad-dee with stress on the "ee" part)
"cheese" when mommy takes a picture
"baby" (her dollies)
"peas" which means "please"

Adding later . . . I forgot about "peek-a-boo" (this was one of her first words!)

She is also way more mobile than Noah ever was. Well, he was always very mobile and active and kept mommy busy, but Maia, again, follows and does everything that Noah does. She has to keep up, she has no choice! So, mommy is having to really keep her eye out for fall-down accidents because Maia is now getting off of the couch by herself, off our bed by herself (usually without accidents), and goes up and down steps - and we don't even have any here at our house! (She's had some good practice at friends and family's.)

So what is 3-year old Noah saying? A lot. And it's finally making sense and it just tickles me to death. My favorite is when I say "I love you, Noah" and he responds with "thank you". It's so funny.

Here are some other things I remember him saying:

I'll take something away because he's done something inappropriate, etc. and he says in a sweet voice, "but I love it."

If he thinks Maia has done something wrong he'll say, "Maia (enter her last name here)!!"

We were playing "kitchen" last night and he asked me if I wanted something to drink. I said, "yes please, I will take water" and he said "I don't have water". So I asked for milk and he said "I don't have that". I said "how about diet coke?" and he said "no diet coke". I said "what do you have then?" and he responded "lemonade".

Then he brought me a plate with a (plastic) tomato on it. He said "watch out, it's really hot. Blow on it." So I blew on it. He said "still hot, you need to set it down". This just made me smile because it shows me that he remembers things that we tell him and understands what they mean!

We'll pull into Target's parking lot and Noah will say "mommy, do you need coffee?". (They have a Starbucks in the store.)

My other favorite thing is when he will go up to Maia and say "Maia, do you want to play?" and he'll say "let's go to my room" and he'll run down as fast as he can, and in his shadow is Miss Maia. She adores him and he adores her. (Most of the time!)

So that ends my mommy brag post.

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope I can get my last orders taken care of in the next two days so that maybe, finally!, I can enjoy the holidays. I'm still waiting for it to feel like Christmas. It's been a tough one thus far.


Kelsie said...

hey Valerie, That's SOOOOO Cute!!! I hope to see you soon but I'm sorry to say we won't be able to come to the Reunion on the 30th because we are with my mom and it was too late to switch weekends!! It really stinks because I was hoping I'd get to see you guys! Hopefully we'll see eachother sometime soon besides that! I can't wait to hear all of the new things in Noah and Maia's vocabulary! well toodles Love ya Loads ~~~Kelsie~~~

Alexis Jacobs said...

They are growing up so fast. ((sniffle sniffle))

Michelle said...

Awwww--So cute! Love to hear what my favorite niece and neph are up to:)