Visions of Val

I take zillions of pictures on my point-and-shoot camera. I wish I took more on my D200 but I'm afraid of taking it every place I go like I do my small digital point-and-shoot. So I decided to find a good place to really showcase my personal photography work - not just that of VWC Photography but of the "work" I do personally almost every day! - my kids, my animals, my friends, my environment - so I can display my creative side more often in a simple (easy to navigate, easy to use) and enjoyable way. I've set up a webpage at smugmug.com called "Visions of Val". My first album is an experiement since I was not sure where I was going. The future albums that I display I hope to contain work never seen by you or anyone else (sometimes I haven't even seen them and if it's been a while I hear myself saying "oh, wow, I don't remember this one!" a lot). All of my most favorite photographs are trapped on CD's in folders and in need to get out. So, check back when you can because I hope to update as often as possible. Until then, here's my first album . . . enjoy.

Oh, and I think you need a password to view this one. It's "0703". Merry Christmas!!

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Jamie said...

Cute cute cute. I wish I had a fraction of your artistic eye for your shots. I always think of the shots I missed by not always having my camera at my side.