Hubby traveling + sick boy = a not very positive mommy

Hubby is gone . . . again, travelling with work. This time to Miami, my oh-so-very favorite city right now. (Rolling my eyes) Anyway, I'm trying to get through, regardless of my sick child. So while cleaning up the puke . . . over and over and over, I am trying to make a list inside my head of all the positive reasons for him being gone. Because right now, I am cursing at him inside my head for leaving me alone to deal with a sickie, so if I don't find positive reasons right now, I might not let him come back. (Just kidding . . . or am I?)

Anyway, my list of reasons why hubby traveling is a good thing:

1 - I can eat brownies for breakfast and have Blizzards for dinner and no one can say anything!

2 - I can let the house go (but of course later I will have to play catch up)

3 - I can leave all day if I want and not need to be home by 5:00 when hubby arrives home from work (no curfew, yee-haw!, but right now I am not going anywhere, so really a pointless point)

4 - We can stay in our p.j.'s (pee-gees as we call them) all day long and not feel bad for doing so

5 - We can eat out for every meal if we want to (again, we aren't going anywhere for that to happen on this trip, so pointless again)

6 - I wish I could find more reasons . . . help . . . Alexis can probably very easily attribute to this list as her hubby is gone traveling right now also. I'm just not feeling very "Martha Stewart-y" right now with my "Good Things".

Reasons why I wish he were home:

1 - I am sick and tired of cleaning up puke, holding his head up as he does it, washing 10 loads of laundry a day, smelling it, saying "it will be okay", and not getting any sleep - last night I think I might have gotten 3 hours, all broken up of course

2 - His cell phone is not working so I have no direct way of contacting him, which really really sucks right now - he has to call me

3 - He is such a good daddy, I love him, and I just want him back. It's difficult times like this - dealing with a sick boy by myself, while trying to keep Missy happy and content as she runs the house in her own little 2-feet tall world - that really makes me appreciate him more.


Cerella said...

That rough! Hearing stories like this make me soo scared to have kids! I hope that Noah gets to feeling better REALLY SOON and that you can get a long nap in today! :)

Jen said...

I can relate to all of these but mostly the staying in the pj's all day when hubby is gone. Too funny. hang in there, Val

Anissa said...

7 - You get the whole bed to yourself so you can sprawl out.

8 - When the kids are sleeping you can watch all the chic flicks you want.

Just a few I thought of!

SuperMom said...

I hate it when Superdad is out of town. Except after the kids go to bed, then it's pretty cool.

I hope little Noah feels better soon!

Alexis Jacobs said...

No sex. No sex. No sex. The best reason ever.

Sorry Noah is sick:-(

Chel said...

Aside from the puke (which we've had at our house this week, too), a world with brownies for breakfast and Blizzards for dinner sounds pretty groovy.

And for the record, a lot of the things you're doing now - like eating out (or wishing you were) and letting the house go - are things we've just made permanent in our house in an effort to maintain sanity and pleasantness. :)

As a word of encouragement, it's a sunny 75 degrees here in Central Floriday today, probably warmer than that in Miami.

Val, that's me said...

I love your 7 and 8 Anissa! :) Especially #7!

Michelle said...

Oh no!! I hope that Noah feels better soon! We too, are having sickies right now!! :( Not fun times! Hang in there! This too shall pass!