Oprah today

Watch Oprah today! Should be very interesting and enlightening, especially for those of us with kids or hoping to one day have kiddos. Read more about it at Anissa's blog.


Jen said...

Already plannin on watching it. Should be quite interesting.

Corie said...

I was fortunate enough to watch Oprah at work today. I cannot imagine what those boys and families have gone through. Thank God they are both home safely now. Gotta keep the prayers going their way though, especially for Shawn. He must have so much to work through.

Jen said...

Watched it. I just can not imagine what those boys and their families went through. Did you hear what Bill O'Reilly said about it? He doesn't believe in the "Stockholm syndrome" and thinks that Shawn was happy there because he had freedom and because he had a lip ring. Suppposedly that showed that he was rebelling and liked where he was. Also, the fact that he didn't call the police when he could. WHATEVER!! He was TERRIFIED. What an ignorant comment Bill made. He should apologize to their family for ever letting those words come out of his mouth.