I love ketchup

My daughter loves ketchup. Hmmmm . . . that's odd. (Uh, not.)

We were eating lunch and I fixed sweet potato fries among other things. Maia went crazy with the fries. Dipping and then re-dipping her fries into the ketchup. When her ketchup was gone, she'd say "mo juice". It's pretty funny. A girl at my own heart.

If you didn't know, I am a huuuuuuuuuge ketchup fan. I eat it on everything. I mean everything. Well, except for a few things. But here's what I like it on, which you may be disgusted by:

eggs - all varieties
all the above mixed together with syrup added (hey, at least I'm admitting that I'm not normal!)
baked potatoes
sweet potatoes
certain fish
salisbury steak
french fries, smothered
potato chips
chili mac
grilled cheese
biscuits and gravy
ham & beans, smothered
hamburger, cheeseburgers, tenderloins, grilled chicken sandwiches
pickle spears

I make my homemade bbq sauce from ketchup
I also put it in my chili

And, the list goes on. My husband thinks I'm insane. He says nothing is more gross than seeing me eat it straight out of the packet. My response is, "then don't look!".

I have a collection, above. My friend Kristin had her grandpa make me a shelf by hand specially for my collection. This was our wedding gift. And that's what you see holding all my ketchup in the above pictures. I ran out of room a few years ago. My collection has overflowed and I have found myself passing up bottles now because I just don't have any place for them. Here is my overflow cabinet:

I have a cat named "Heinz", a ceramic minature box, magnets, a t-shirt with Heinz on it and a spoon rest. I even tried re-designing their logo in college as a class project. I have never been to the home of Heinz in Pennsylvania, but itch for the chance to get to go! I wonder if they know how much I love their best invention in the entire world? If not, this should prove it:

In case I run out and need more asap, here is my stash of ketchup that I allow myself to use. All Heinz, of course. It's the only kind I will eat.

My faves in the collection:
One of my first bottles in my collection I got back in 2000 at Marshall Fields in Chicago. Cute, isn't it?

People come back from places all over the world with ketchup just for me!
Natalie got me this one from Kuwait when she was stationed over there.

The one on the right is from Japan, on the left, from Brazil when we were there. I like this one from Brazil because it's a ketchup/mustard mix. Never tried it but I'm sure I'd like it since that's how I like to eat my corn dogs!

Another one from Kuwait.

Good Lord, what is wrong with me???

I don't think I can be helped at this point. Sigh . . .


Alexis Jacobs said...

My brother is the same way. You two would be a match made in heaven.

Anissa said...

That is one of the funniest things I've ever seen! I'm not much of a ketchup person but Ranch dressing now that is good stuff!

Cerella said...

Girl, I have to be honest...just the THOUGHT of some of those foods with ketchup literally turned my stomach! I have never heard of ANYONE liking ketchup soo much! You take the cake....or maybe the ketchup? :) Oh, Lord...I hope that you don't like ketchup on cake as well! AGH!!!!!!

Corie said...

I gotta tell ya, when I first started reading your blog and looking at the photos, I am wondering what store you were in- the shelves of ketchup! And then you let us know that the shelves were a gift and all those bottles of ketchup are yours! I'm a ketchup/mustard mixer, especially on french fries and corn dogs. But, I must say, I have never considered ketchup on biscuits and gravy or potato chips! :)

Corie said...

These websites are just for you-
or especially this one....

LiLi said...

It's one of the things I love about you! :) Oh and I'm with Neil! ugh, can't stand to watch matt eat some fries and then squeeze the ketchup packet into his mouth! Blech... he and Maegan eat it on MACARONI AND CHEESE... ok that's just horrid!

SuperMom said...

I have to say that's a little weird, LOL.

I had a ketchup fanatic for a roommate in college and she was hilarious about it.

it's me, Val said...

I know, I know, not just a little weird, but very weird :) I'm glad you guys are at least enjoying learning something odd about me. I'm enjoying your comments . . . you are making me giggle.

Jen said...


Leesha said...

Val you and my daughter, Josie would get along great. She has always LOVED ketchup. I cna't wait to show her your pictures.

She eats it on everything...yep your list is her's. She use to love peaches & cottage cheese when she was lil'...WITH KETCHUP! Pickle & ketchup sandwhich is her fav. oh & chips too! LOL

Oh & don't get me started with eating it out of the lil' packets!

Michelle said...

Love the stock pile of ketchup...just in case you ever run out!! LOL!