New designed header

I know you've seen my new header, it's no surprise. I decided to change it the other day when going through my grandparents old things. I think I've mentioned that they kept everything? Well, there was a box full full full of old cards from people over the years. Hundreds. Yes, they kept everything.

I found cards from my dad to my grandparents when he was 3, ones from friends when my grandma had her hysterctomy in the early 1970's, a card from my mom, dad and myself the Easter of 1976, which would have been when I was only a month old. It would have been probably my parents first card that they signed after I was born and that makes me think of signing our own first cards "Neil, Valerie and Noah". In a new parents life, it's pretty exciting to write a new person's name who is your own child attached to your own, especially when you never ever thought there you would be a family of 3. I still remember signing our names for the first time.

Then there were also cards from grandma and grandpa to each other during a 45 year time span, each seemed to be signed differently, "Honey, I'll always love you", "To many more beautiful years", "I love you more and more every year", and so on. There were hundreds of cards. While I pitched over half of them, I could not fathom throwing them all out. They were a piece of my family's history. And some of my favorites were the ones from the early 50's. Some had sparkles on them, some were very thin waxy tissue, some had the ugliest designs on the front, but some were just so . . . what's the word . . . retro . . . timeless? And the things the cards themselves said - even better - funny in most cases. I had a ball looking through them. And they inspired me to change my header.

This header I designed was using a card that I found from my dad and his siblings to their mom for Mother's Day. If only there was a frame on it with a woman taking pictures or a woman on her computer. Then that would be me to a "t". Here's another one that I really loved. I just adore vintage things. Aren't they great? Hope you're enjoying my new Purple Valley "look".


SuperMom said...

I like it!

And all the better that they're sentimental family things.

Alexis Jacobs said...

I think it rocks. Very "you"

LiLi said...

I really hope that you are scrapbooking the ones you haven't tossed! And yes, they are GREAT!

Michelle said...

I have to agree with AJ, very, very "you". :) I hadn't visited in a couple of days (occupied with our visitors, as you know!) and when I checked in, I though, whoa! How cute! I had to check out everything, to see what all you had changed! Looks great!