Now I know why people hate the dentist.

I've had one cavity in my life and barely remember getting the filling. I still think that one cavity was a fluke. (You're saying, 'yeah right, Val".) But I love my teeth and have taken very good care of them and didn't have that cavity till I was 22. Oh, and I have good genes in that arena - I have to give my parents credit, too. Thanks, mom and dad!

Anyhow, yesterday I had an appointment to have my two front teeth fixed. I use to chew on pens caps nearly every time I held one in my hand and chipped my two front teeth pretty badly by doing so. I had them fixed - caps put on them - probably 5 years ago, but they chipped again. Caps aren't very strong, not like veneers are. Veneers are just about as strong as your actual teeth. But veneers are also very expensive, so I had to be satisfied with that, and I was until I chipped the caps thanks to my nervous habit of grinding my teeth. Another bad bad habit which has gotten me in trouble.

So, back to yesterday. I had an appointment to have veneers put on. It's a two-time visit thing. Yesterday was the first day. I went in there having no idea what I was getting myself into. Obviously. Because if I knew I was going to have to get shots, I would not have made this appointment. But at the same time, it's a God send because if I had known, I would live the rest of my life with visibly chipped teeth that could easily be fixed. Well, not easily, but could definitely be fixed.

So yes, shots. And four! And it was painful. Very painful. Nothing like labor pains or having to have my spinal epidural done twice because the first time they missed and hit a nerve causing my leg to spasm out. (Talk about pain!) But I never anticipated this pain. Four shots in my upper gums. I grabbed the dental hygentist's hand and said, "I'm sorry if I break your hand". She laughed. But I just don't do well with pain, or actually probably more the thought of soon-to-be pain. I hate pain. But who likes it?!

So after 2-1/2 hours I am done with appt #1. Hoping appt #2 in two weeks (my veneer caps have to be made) doesn't require more shots, but at this point, I'm not ruling it out. The things we do to look beautiful. But man, I now know why people hate going to the dentist. Today I am now one of those.


Leesha said...

Val I must be an exception to this because I love going to the dentist. I would go once a month for a cleaning if my insurance would pick up the tab. But its every 6 months :( Josie is the same way. Can't wait to see your new Veneers. WOW!

Michelle said...

I HATE the dentist too! I always have though...and unfortunately I do not have the greatest teeth. Yup, I have a couple of crowns (that makes me a queen, right?!) and have even done the whole big scary root canal procedure! Ughh! So, I can sympathize! Good luck at your next visit!

Alexis Jacobs said...

That is why I had mine bonded. No shots :)

Val, that's me said...

Totally different proccess. Bonding evetually will discolor. Veneers are permanent in color forever and almost as tough as the actual tooth itself.