Beautiful Buttons

I gave the kiddos a job one afternoon, and that job was to take all the buttons of grandma's out of the packaging and put them into a jar. So they did it (yes, Maia, too) and had a great time. I love the simple things like this that occupy a child. Maia especially kept busy putting handfulls of them in and out, in and out. I wish simple repetition like that thrilled me now like it does her. So, anyway, here is the jar filled halfway. (Half full or half empty? I'd say half full, don't ya think?) Isn't it perty?

And then a few of my favorite ones. Gorgeous, aren't they? I think this button discovery is going to send me on a hunt for more. So, oh no, a new collection is emerging. Thankfully though, other than ketchup, I honestly don't have too many. . . . . I swear!

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Jamie said...

Very Cool! and so awesome you turned it into a family task. Your such a good mommy (*kiss*)