Patty's Portraits

I wanted to share a bit about my friend, Patty. She and I were in the same major in school down at SIU - Visual Communication Design it was called - a.k.a. graphic design. We had the best time together and she became a friend for life. I actually don't keep in touch with many from my major (we were a really small major - I think there were about 15 of us) except for she and another girlfriend, Tracy.

Patty stayed at SIU to work on her master's in photography! We were required to take a black & white class with Vis Com, and like myself, she loved it. It inspired her to keep on going, and she did, and as she puts it "is knee deep in her thesis". Her thesis: brides and grooms in unusual circumstances/surroundings.

Patty does amazing work. Each one of her pictures are set up. She puts great thought into each one - the "story", the clothing, the hair, the lighting, everything. While her work and mine are completely opposite (I just shoot things how they are, although I do put some thought into my lighting because, well, you just have to in order to get the perfect result. That is part of photography.), I still love love love her work and fully enjoy it. When I see her pictures I study them and study them. I think to myself "wow, how does she do it?!" Leave it to Patty for being amazing. Here is some of her outstanding work. I know she will be famous some day.

Good luck, Patty, with the next couple months and finishing your thesis!! YOU CAN DO IT YOU CAN DO IT YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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