Backstage photos at the Oscars 2007

My friend, Christine, is one lucky girl.

Christine is a friend of mine and also a fellow photographer. Last year she took a leap of faith and flew out to L.A. to see what she could attempt in the celebrity photography world. She got into the Oscars and shot some amazing shots. Her work was even put into some local shows. Not many people from Tiny Town, USA gets a front row spot on the red carpet shooting pictures. Well, she followed her heart again and had the same great opportunity this year. She wrote to me this morning, sending some pictures, asking for prayers, and saying that she'd be coming home on Sunday.

How lucky is she? Well, take a look at these pictures and all the celebrities that stop so that she can shoot pictures of them.

Some of my favorites: Charlize Theron, Joaquin Phoenix, Sandra Bullock, Jake Gyllenhaal, Kelly Clarkson and Ruben Studdard (both performing at an Oscar charity event), Victoria Rowell (this one excites me because I am a huge Y&R fan and she is GORGEOUS!), Debbi Morgan (another favorite soap actress of mine!), and Niecy Nash's birthday party (oh my, are those real??!) - I want a birthday party like hers with gifts like that!

I really think she found her calling. You can see her pictures here. And if that link does not work for some reason, check them out here.

Way to go, Christine! We're proud of you!